American Idol Quick Wrap 3/28/12~ Idols Sing their Idols

I’m pretty sure I was watching a different episode of American Idol than Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson tonight, because while it was a pretty strong night on the whole, the judges were seriously in ridiculous over-praise mode. Let me give you one example…. They gave Heejun a standing ovation. Hello, Hee-frickin-Jun? Oh jesus, they must have been drinking some Paula Abdul juice in their coke cups because they were full of it, for pretty much the whole episode as they lavished way too much praise on Heejun, Joshua and Deandre who were the worst of the night while throwing shade all over Hollie for no reason. It was a bit of an infuriating night for me as I was still missing Erika and wondering why the judges were obsessed with trying to make another guy win this year. At least, we were all in agreement on our unanimous acclaim for Elise who wiped the floor with everyone…. So, with that said, let’s look at my rankings for tonight’s show where the contestants sang songs by their own personal idols.

American Idol Performance Rankings~ 3/28/12
~ the great
1. Elise: singing Led Zeppelin’s classic # 4 hit from 1969, Elise took on the most difficult song of the night and delivered in spades. Who knew she could rock so hard? She also slayed every note and nuance of the song and had a great time doing it. That was easily one of the best performances of the entire season. Elise is showing the youngsters how it’s done.
~ the good
2. Jessica: slowing down Beyonce’s top ten smash “Sweet Dreams” into an eerie ballad, Jessica hit all the right notes as usual. It was a sexy sumptuous performance and showed she is a serious pro with incredible range and adaptability. I still say she should win this whole thing.
3. Phillip: singing a song I’d never heard of by blues rocker Johnny Lang, Phillip really tore it up on “Still Rainin'” and he only made a couple of his weird faces. It was all in his wheelhouse and I actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Well done.
~the pretty good
4. Hollie: taking on Carrie Underwood’s Grammy winning # 1 country smash “Jesus Take the Wheel” from 2005 was a bit of a risk for Hollie, but I think she acquitted herself very well. Like J.Lo, I really felt the emotion from Hollie for the first time. (And how much did ya’ll bawl during her mentor session with the amazing Stevie Nicks?). It was a lovely performance and I believed every moment.
5. Skylar: raising the roof with another country stomper, Miranda Lambert’s raucous “Gunpowder and Lead”, Skylar stayed on her road to Idol success. She hasn’t had a bad week yet, and I don’t know if she will at this point. Despite a couple of wonky notes at the beginning, this was another strong effort.
~the alright
6. Joshua: I don’t know what the judges were smoking when they stood up after this one, because the first half was just plain bad. The only reason Joshua isn’t farther down the list after his performance of Mariah Carey’s # 3 ballad from “1993 “Without You” is the fact that he has a great voice. The second half of the song was better, but I still didn’t buy the breaking down at the end. And I’m a fan of his.
7. Colton: singing his favorite “praise” song, Colton took on Lifehouse’s ballad “Everything”. Unfortunately, everything was not alright with his performance. The first half was pitchy and flat and he was strained throughout. He was also overpowered by the band. And seriously, shut up with the god talk. I’ve said it before, this is NOT American Christian Idol. He is beginning to bug the ever-living crap out of me…. Oh, and please eat a sandwich!
8. Deandre: well, this song did fit his voice nicely and he was confident in his performance. However, performing a song very few people have heard of, Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I Cry” will do him no favors. It was also pretty boring and unmemorable in the long run. And of course, the moronic judges gave him a standing “O”. What?
~ the bad
9. Heejun: seriously that was pretty terrible. Yes, it was an improvement over the train wreck from last week, but his take on Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You” still was the big stinking egg of the night. Plus, anyone singing that on Idol will be compared to Elliott Yamin’s brilliant performance of the song in season 5 and Hack Heejun came nowhere close to that. And the judges gave this pitchy, disconnected, and irritating performance a standing “O” too. I don’t get it!

My Predictions~

Bottom 3: Deandre, Heejun and um…. Hollie? (or Joshua or Skylar?)
Bottom 2: Heejun, Deandre
Buh Bye: Deandre (even though it should be Heejun)

So, will our Milli Vanilli-maned falsetto singer finally sing his last note? Or is horrific Heejun on the way out? I’m happy with either result. But doggonit, if a girl is the lowest vote getter, the judges damn well better use their “Save”…. I’m actually a little nervous about what’s gonna happen. Who do you think will get the boot? And are you with me that the judges were seriously insane tonight? Sound off below.


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One Response to “American Idol Quick Wrap 3/28/12~ Idols Sing their Idols”

  1. jasonboegh Says:

    Oh and a quick ranking of the medleys….

    1. Elise/Colton/Phillip: this was pretty great and Elise was outstanding again
    2. Jessica/Hollie/Skylar: their Madonna medley was very cute and entertaining. I sure hope Hollie does something upbeat like this soon because it really suited her
    3. Heejun/Joshua/Deandre: that MJ medley was dreadful

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