Coming Out with “Days of Our Lives” and Outfest

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a special event hosted by Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. To celebrate, they have had a ton of big events including their recent Fusion Film Festival focusing on LGBT Films starring/created by people of color, and last night, they got together with NBC Universal to celebrate the long running soap Days of Our Lives. The show, which yes, I have watched since like 1984 (along with the dearly departed and fantastic soap Santa Barbara) has embarked on its first gay storyline~ the complicated, fascinating, difficult and incredibly emotional coming out of Will Horton, played by Daytime Emmy nominee Chandler Massey. His character has seen a lot of drama over the years usually fueled by his mother Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney, also the host of The Biggest Loser) and her shenanigans. Now, all of those experiences are affecting his coming out process. The hardest part of which has been having to admit it to himself. The show has been on fire with this storyline featuring amazing writing and a brilliant performance by the sure to be Emmy nominated again Massey. He has such a great natural quality and has wonderful honest chemistry and connections with all his costars including Sweeney, Bryan Datillo (his skeptical and slightly judgmental father Lucas), his somewhat pushy grandmother Kate played by the fierce and so fun Lauren Koslow and his loving and always understanding grandmother Marlena played by Emmy nominated daytime grande dame Deidre Hall. They were all at the event last night which featured clips from the show and a Q&A discussion about the storyline. Also at the panel was Wally Kurth who plays Justin whose character has a gay son, Sonny (Freddie Smith), that has been a mentor/friend to Will throughout this process…. It looks like romance will be in the cards for Will in the months ahead along with some big reactions from his family (some good, some bad, some confused). All I know is I haven’t been this excited about Days since Marlena was possessed by the devil back in the mid-90’s. It’s the perfect time to start watching as all the story lines are getting really good, the writing is strong across the board and the actors are really rising to the challenge. For more on the show, head to their website here, and take a look at my pictures from the event I attended with my friends and longtime Days fans Steve Kerem and Giana Mucci. It was so much fun and all the stars were  incredibly nice especially the tremendously charismatic Massey. He is going to be a big star, and how amazing was it to chat with a living soap legend in Ms. Hall? Just a great night honoring a wonderful show and an important, inclusive, and juicy storyline.

A Brief clip of some of Will’s “Coming Out” storyline on Days of Our Lives

And here are my pictures from the event:

Jason Boegh, Giana Mucci and Deidre Hall

Jason Boegh, Steve Kerem, Chandler Massey

Jason Boegh, Giana Mucci, Alison Sweeney

Jason Boegh, Giana Mucci, Lauren Koslow


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