My Top 8 American Idol Buzz Rankings!

Clearly American Idol viewers opened their ears for once and heard Heejun sing because he was finally booted off the program last week. Sure, he was a funny guy, with a good heart and a nice tone to his voice. However, he had no star quality, took the show for granted, mocked the program and caused the early ousting of my dear Erika! …. Alas, I need to get over that… At least he’s gone and we have a really good top 8. But just how good are they? Well, I’d say this seasons talent is up there with the best season’s like 5 (Daughtry, Katharine, Elliott), 7 (David Cook, Carly, David Archuleta) and 10 (Scotty, Pia, Haley, Lauren). But who has the current buzz to head to the front of the pack? Well, it’s time to take a look at my all new completely unscientific American Idol Buzz Rankings below….

My Season 11 Top 8 American Idol Buzz Rankings~

1. Jessica: hanging on to the top slot by the thinnest of strings, my favorite singer in the race had another great week slowing down a Beyonce jam into her own slinky groove. Jessica has the talent, ambition and is very creative with each of her song choices and performances. I’m surprised the judges aren’t pimping her more especially if we finally want a girl to win this thing! (last week~ 1)
2. Phillip: Mr. Phillips almost overtook my Jessica again this week with a really strong and totally not annoying performance of a song by Johnny Lang no one’s heard of. That takes some gumption and some great follow through. At this point, it feels like a Jessica/Phillip finale fight. We shall see… (lw~ 3)
3. Elise: holy crap, Elise is in my top three and I couldn’t be happier. She has killed it the past two weeks and finally had an Idol moment with her Led Zeppelin cover last week. Could our bluesy dark horse be a threat for the title? I hope so. (lw~ 6)
4. Colton: he went first and sang his favorite “praise” song and was super pitchy last week, yet he still was not in the bottom three. That means this pretty Idol has some serious support. I do think he needs to change things up a bit before all his songs start sounding like Daughtry clones. And PS- shut it with the god talk. You’re turning off more voters than you know with that. Trust me, Jesus doesn’t care if you win American Idol. I think he’s got more important things on his plate. (lw~ 2)
5. Skylar: yes, she was in the bottom 3 last week, but I think the fact that she went so early in the show was the real problem. She performed well and is so darn likable. I think she will bounce back this week no problem. (lw~ 4)
6. Joshua: I have no idea why America loved his wonky and pitchy performance last week. I do know that I think he’s got a great voice and is very likable, so that clearly helped. I just wonder how viable a pop artist he would be. (Hello, not much~ but he could be a great R&B and Gospel singer). This week should be interesting for him with the 80’s theme. (lw~ 7)
7. Deandre: ok, he’s a cool cat with a great falsetto and fabulous hair, but I just don’t get it. I feel like he has so much growing to do as an artist and needs to pick better songs that more people know. That said, his obscure Eric Benet pick, kept him out of danger and the judges loved it. I still feel like he’s one misstep away from getting the boot. (lw~8)
8. Hollie: oh my sweet dear little Hollie with the big voice. What are ya doin? Yes, you sing great most of the time, but you’re in a free fall. I just hope this talented girl picks a great fun upbeat song and really connects with the material so she can make a big comeback and land a place in the final five like she deserves to. (lw~ 5)

So, it seems Hollie is on a dangerous downward path, while Elise is flying high and Deandre continues to scoot by unscathed. But what will happen this week with that aforementioned 80’s theme? We’ll see. Tune in to American Idol Wednesday night on Fox and then head back here for my take.


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One Response to “My Top 8 American Idol Buzz Rankings!”

  1. brotherkarl Says:

    Enjoyed your American Idol comments here although I must say your evaluation of the talent and mines are kind of different except when it comes to Hallie. I’m with you 100% in regards to her. She is a good singer but definitely not best that has been on their stage, so I don;’t know why she’s still there. I’ve been following this show pretty closely and I have a blog myself in which I have rated every singer from the time they appeared in their auditions. I pegged everyone right for the top ten except Hallie. She has one of the lowest ratings of all the singers I evaluated. I’d really like to know where shes from because if she is from one of the bigger states then its no wonder she’s there. Her state is pulling for her. Not because she has the best talent but because she is from their state. Almost everyone of her reviews with the judges have been poor but from what I can remember she has not been in the bottom 3 as many times as she has had bad reviews.
    Jessica or Joshua on the other end have never had a bad review from the judges but the voters don’t give the same support. And Jessica ha the lowest votes. What?!! The judges were absolutely right in using their “save vote” on her. Now Phil …is definitely not the best singer, have the times he’s screaming which we be aliright if he would just hit the notes and (LOL) but Idol audiences love their rockers
    and country and he has them both. So I’m pretty sure he’ll be among the last 4 standing. If you ever get a chance come out the comments I have given on the singers from the time of their first appearance

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