My Season 11 Top 7 American Idol Buzz Rankings!

Well, American Idol viewers, I am proud of you! With last week’s elimination (some may say surprise elimination) of Deandre, you have gotten rid of the correct two people in a row! I was a little nervous for Elise and Hollie in the bottom three with our beloved Milli Vanilli-coiffed falsetto crooner, but it looks like an obscure song choice and going first helped Deandre to finally hit the road. I wish him well and am pretty pleased with the current top 7. Now, the question is who still has the buzz going into this week when the singers will tackle songs from this, yes I said THIS, decade. That means they’re singing songs from 2010-2012. Holy modern music people. It should be very interesting indeed… So, let’s take a look at who is going strong this week on my all new completely unscientific American Idol Buzz Rankings.

My Season 11 Top 7 American Idol Buzz Rankings~

1. Jessica: my favorite holds on to the top spot yet again as she remains the most consistent competitor in the race. Her take on Whitney’s “How Will I Know” was fantastic, but it wasn’t her best. She needs to up her game this week to keep her hold on the pole position…. and I so want her to! (last week~ 1)
2. Joshua: I may have been underestimating Joshua for the past few weeks. I think he could be a surprise finale contender. He absolutely killed both of his performances last week and he even out sang Jessica on their duet. If he can find a song that is relevant this week to showcase his potential as a current Pop/R&B powerhouse, he can maintain his growth on the show and on my list. (lw~ 6)
3. Colton: while his “Time after Time” wasn’t flawless, it was still another solid effort. He’s willing to take risks and usually succeeds in doing so. Plus, his heart-throb status can’t hurt, and he wasn’t annoying in his interviews this week. Colton is still a contender. (lw~ 4)
4. Skylar: with her best performance in weeks on “Wind Beneath My Wings”, Skylar proved she can’t be counted out. She also out did Colton on their duet and remains one of the most likable singers in the race. I’m curious to see if she can stay on the upswing this week. (lw~ 5)
5. Phillip: well, many of you may be shocked to find Mr. Phillips so low on my list this time. However, he had his worst week to date and he seems to be stuck in a rut. His Genesis cover was terrible and Elise out sang him on their duet. He needs to get some humility too. This guy who has done so much right so far this season seems to be falling fast. However, he has a strong fan base, so we’ll see if he turns it around tomorrow. (lw~ 2)
6, Elise: our resident veteran (yes, she’s the veteran at 28 years old… boy does that make me feel old!) was in danger again after faltering on her Foreigner cover. It was the wrong song and a tepid performance. She did come back very strong on her duet but she still was in the bottom 2. She doesn’t rank last on my list because I think she has the fire to fight her way back up as she has done time and again this year. She is on a serious Idol roller coaster folks. (lw~ 3)
7. Hollie: while I seemed to like her “Flashdance” performance a whole lot more than America and the judges did, Hollie still sits at the bottom of my rankings. She really needs to breakout with a showstopper this week to stay in the game. She has the vocal prowess, now she needs the confidence AND the right song choice. I, for one, hope she steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park tomorrow. (lw~8)

Whew, that felt like more counting than it actually was. Can you believe there are only seven people left in the race? Can you believe Phillip is faltering? Do you think Elise or Hollie can survive another week? Will the judges ever use the save? Stay tuned tomorrow for my next Idol recap.


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