My ALL NEW American Idol Season 11 Top Seven Buzz Rankings

If any of you were wondering why I didn’t post about the ridiculousness of last week’s American Idol results show, I just couldn’t bring myself to…. After hearing the season’s best singer, Jessica Sanchez, got the lowest amount of votes and was almost eliminated, I was just plain angry. How could American Idol voters be so stupid or lazy or just ignorant? Why oh why was this happening again? I was overwhelmed with memories of the loss of Pia Toscano too early last year (and the unsettlingly early departures of Tamyra Gray in season 1, Jennifer Hudson in season 3, Chris Daughtry in season 4 and Carly Smithson in season 7) and I just didn’t even want to talk about it…. Now, it’s almost a week later and I have calmed down. I’m grateful that the “Save” actually existed for once, and I am grateful the judges saved Jessica (but duh, we knew they’d do that) I’m also excited she has another chance this week. I, mean seriously, she is this season’s best singer and has the best chance to become an Idol pop powerhouse ala Kelly and Carrie, since Jordin in season 6. (That would also make her the first female winner in 5 years.)… So, let’s hope Idol voters will get their acts together and vote up a storm for Jessica this week!… That said, my girl takes a tumble in the buzz rankings… And that means it’s time for my all new totally unscientific American Idol Season 11 Buzz Rankings for the top seven singers…

American Idol Season 11 Top 7 Buzz Rankings (redux)

1. Colton: looks like the boy with the skinniest legs on Earth and a major Jesus crush is headed straight to the finals. He has never been in the bottom three, always gives consistent and strong performances, and the girls love him. Even though I found him a little forgettable this week, he is on a roll and rises to the top of my rankings for the first time. It’s also time I stopped underestimating the power of the cute white boy in this year’s competition. (last week~ 3)
2. Skylar: she gave another strong performance this week and improved upon a former Idol‘s song. (That was Kellie Pickler I’m speaking of people). She also went first in last week’s lineup and still remained safe. I think this year’s country contender could end up being the last girl standing after all. (lw~ 4)
3. Phillip: it pains me to put him back in the top three, but even after another bad week of weak performances, he still avoided the bottom three. He is the heir to the “white guy with guitar” Idol mantle title of the past few years. So, he could hang on way longer than this one trick pony should…Oh and he’s cute, so there’s another cajillion votes for him each week too. Ugh (lw~ 5)
4. Jessica: ok, you may think I’m crazy to have her this high after she almost went packing… However, I am hopeful last week was just an anomaly. She is clearly the best singer on the show (yes, I’m repeating myself cuz it’s true) and deserves to make the top five at least. (And hello win the whole shebang, but I may be dreaming)… Anywho, I think her fan base will get off their lazy bums and activate this week to keep her in the game. Plus, you know she’s gonna throw down this week to prove herself. (lw~ 1)
5. Joshua: what on Earth was he doing in the bottom 3 last week too? He gave the other best performance of the night and has been consistently good throughout the competition… Did people just feel like he was “safe” too and they didn’t need to vote? Do tween girls not vote for good singers? (Um, we know they don’t) What more can he do to stay in the game? (lw~ 2)
6. Hollie: she gave one of the weaker performances of the week, but this big voiced cutie avoided the bottom three somehow. I think she has a bigger fan base than anyone might expect. Well, she is from Texas and that is a real big state… Plus she has all those Irish votes, and who doesn’t love her super strange accent? (lw~ 7)
7. Elise: I’m rather worried about Elise. She gave two really good performances and still landed on the silver stools of doom. And that’s a position she has found herself in many times this season despite her considerable talent. I feel like she’s gonna need a miracle or a big misstep from one of her peers to last another week in the race. (lw~ 6)

So, that’s the buzz. The two best singers are in trouble and the two heart throbs can do no wrong. Plus, the two blonde ladies are still hovering at the bottom of the pack. Will either of them survive? Can Jessica and Joshua make big comebacks tomorrow when they sing one song from the past decade and one “soul” classic? Will people ever realize that Phillip is NOT all that and a bag of chips? And will it end up being a Skylar v. Colton finale?  Stay tuned…

And before I go, please take another look at the brilliant Jessica Sanchez and her incredible performance of “Stuttering” from last week… Pick up the phone for this girl people!


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