My American Idol Season 11 Top 5 Buzz Rankings

We are really getting down to the wire on American Idol as the final five compete tomorrow night. With the long-in-coming elimination of the talented but hard to connect with Elise Testone, we have a quintet of singers all of whom have a chance at the title (yes, even Hollie)… So, which one has the most buzz going into this week’s “British Music” theme night? Take a look at my all new completely unscientific buzz rankings below.

My Season 11 Top 5 American Idol Buzz Rankings~

1. Joshua: another week, another new leader. Everyone left in the top five except Hollie has now hit the top of my buzz chart as Mantasia rises to the summit. He gets here based on constant consistent performances full of emotion and strong vocals. He’s also very likable and I think he has a bigger fan base than any of us expected. However, the constant standing ovations are getting to be a bit too much. That said, he seems a lock for the top three. If that happens, he’d be the first African-American male to make it that far since season 2 winner Ruben Studdard. (last week~ 4)
2. Jessica: after near elimination a couple of weeks ago, the show’s best singer and the strongest possibility for a successful pop Idol winner had another great week. She even went first, got mediocre feedback for her first song (hello, they judge her harder than the others), and she still avoided the bottom three. She needs another breakout moment, but she is still going strong. (lw~ 3)
3. Phillip: ok, despite one absolutely awful number and one blah number, this season’s heart-throb still remains the only singer to never have landed on the silver stools of doom. His fan base is clearly strong. However, I do wonder if people will soon be over all of his songs sounding the same and start voting for people who really inspire them. He could be a shocker boot in the weeks ahead or sadly he could take the crown. (lw~ 2)
4. Skylar: she killed it on “The Show Must Go On”, but her Jason Aldean cover landed her in the bottom three for the second time this season. I think it may be an aberration. I still feel like she and Jessica should be the final two and I think the country fans will keep her in the race for a few more weeks… hopefully to the finale. (lw~ 1)
5. Hollie: yes, she’s in last place again. But, she is a survivor and she keeps improving. She’s also massively likable and adorable with a very strong set of pipes. Could she be the ultimate dark horse and make the finals? Stranger things have happened. If she has another “Rolling in the Deep” moment, she could be on her way. (lw~ 6)

So, that’s my assessment of the final five going into tomorrow night’s show with guest mentor Steve Van Zandt. Joshua is on the rise and Skylar takes a fall, but can Hollie really win it all? Well, tune into American Idol tomorrow night and find out who really has the buzz.


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