American Idol Quick Wrap 5-2-12- “The Music of the 60’s and Brit Pop”

Dueling themes kept things interesting again this week on American Idol as the singers took on the songs of the 60’s and British pop. Both genres provided some standout performances but the latter really helped the singers step up their game. It was a night where one singer built on her momentum for her strongest week yet and one singer fell to his farthest depths with his worst frame to date. So, just who were those two and how did everyone rank as a whole? Well, check out my rankings of all the performances plus my predictions below.

American Idol Performance Rankings 5-2-12

The 60’s~
1. Skylar “Fortunate Son”: I don’t care that I’m not very familiar with this Credence Clearwater Revival hit from 1969 or that I didn’t really love the song. None of that mattered because Skylar absolutely lit the stage on fire with this incendiary and fantastic performance. Loved it.
2. Jessica- “Proud Mary”: taking on Ike & Tina Turner’s # 4 hit was a tall order and only Jessica could pull it off with such passion and panache. She sold the crap out of it and sounded great as always.
3. Hollie- “River Deep Mountain High”: singing the song that got Pia sent home way too early last year, I was a little worried for Hollie. However, she nailed it. Her vocals were great and it was her most loose, relaxed and fun performance to date. Really really good.
4. Joshua- “Aint to Proud to Beg”: singing this 1966 hit for The Temptations, Joshua was totally in his element. But it felt a little safe and forgettable compared to his earlier performances this year. He did sing it wonderfully though.
5. Phillip- “The Letter”: so, he got rid of the melody from this 1967 #1 hit by the Box Tops, turned it into another Dave Matthews Band clone, and gave a lax performance. Even his sexiness couldn’t save it. And he paled in comparison to the brilliant version that Season 7’s Carly Smithson and Michael Johns performed back in the day. Check that out  here.

British Pop~
the great
1. Jessica- “You Are So Beautiful”: ok, what the heck does this girl have to do to get a standing ovation from these ridiculous judges? Because that was FLAWLESS and her best performance since “I Will Always Love You”. It was emotionally connected, vocally perfect and simply stunning. I dare say it improved on Joe Cocker’s 1975 original.
2. Hollie- “Bleeding Love”: with perhaps her best performance and vocal to date, Hollie did an astounding job on this song, which was the biggest worldwide  # 1 smash in 2008 for Leona Lewis. (Hello, how do you not know that song Steven Tyler? You silly dingbat!) She is really in it to win it and I think she may have saved herself from a spot in the bottom two for once with this fabulous song.
the very good
3. Joshua- “To Love Somebody”: Josh’s great vocal on this Bee Gee’s 1967 hit didn’t have me on my feet like the three stooges, er um our judges. But it was very very good and his performance was naturally great. Another solid one for Mr. Ledet and likely the thing that keeps him safe this week.
4. Skylar- “You Don’t’ Have to Say You Love Me”: our country cutie’s take on Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty darn good. She made it her own and sang the bejesus out of it. I just wonder if it ends up a little less memorable at the end of the night…
the terribly terrible
5. Phillip- “Time of the Season” : simply put, this off-key, flat, boring, lazy and astoundingly awful performance of The Zombie’s 1969 # 3 hit should finally land Mr. Growly pants in the bottom three.

1. Skylar, Jessica and Hollie- “Higher and Higher”: fantastic on all levels with great vocals from each of them.
2. Joshua & Phillip- “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling”: um, no… just no.

Bottom 3: Skylar, Phillip and Hollie (but Jessica could wind up here too. It’s close)
Bottom 2: Skylar, Phillip
Buh Bye: Phillip (I think his first trip to the nether regions will be his ticket out of here finally)

Well, that’s my recap and what do you think of that? Did you figure out who had their best and worst week? Here’s a hint~ Hollie is now a serious contender and Phillip could be on the way out. But will that actually happen? I hope so, but I don’t know. So watch American Idol tomorrow night with special guests Carrie Underwood and Coldplay and find out.

And here’s the best performance of the night one more time…. Jessica Sanchez doing “You Are So Beautiful”


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