“The Killing” is still a Killer Show

Last week, I had the privilege of going to a special screening of an episode of AMC’s The Killing followed by a Q & A with the cast and creator Veena Sud. It was a wonderful evening held at the Television Academy and the episode screened, “Off the Reservation“, (which aired last night) was incredible. It was another showcase for the show’s star Mireille Enos who grabbed an Emmy nomination last year and should find herself in the running again for this emotional installment as her character was searching for her missing partner Holder (played by the incredibly charismatic Joel Kinnaman). Those two detectives have been going rogue a bit lately in this second season of the fantastic mystery thriller as they try to solve the murder of teen Rosie Larson. There seems to be a conspiracy involving the cops, the mayor and the Indian casino reservation, and those two aren’t sure who to trust. Still in the mix are Larson’s grieving parents, played by the amazing Brent Sexton and Emmy nominated Michelle Forbes, and her aunt Terry (the wonderfully damaged Jamie Anne Allman) who has some secrets of her own. The political connections to the crime continue to weigh heavily as well with Billy Campbell, Kristen Lehman and Eric Ladin all giving incredible performances as well as they deal with Campbell’s character’s recent paralysis and campaign crises. The Killing remains a tense and brilliant thriller week in and week out and I hope it gets more Emmy recognition this year especially for the amazing Enos, who couldn’t be nicer and more lovely by the way. Enos has such wonderful intensity, vulnerability and relatability and can say so much with just a tiny glint of emotion in her eye. Watch for her to be a big movie star soon too in Gangster Squad  with Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling and alongside Brad Pitt in World War Z.  She and most of the cast (Sexton, Allman, Lehman, Kinnaman, and a very funny Campbell) were at the Q&A and gave some great insight into this tremendous program. I highly recommend you catch up with it ASAP before we finally learn who actually killed Rosie at the end of this season. For more on the show, head to AMC here and check out my pictures below. Please enjoy my friend Giana Mucci in the pictures as well. She loves the show as much as me and clearly loved the cast too.
The Killing airs Sunday nights at 10pm on AMC.

And here’s a look at season 2 of The Killing

And here are our photos from the event…


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