My American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Buzz Rankings

Well, last week the inevitable departure of our big voice cutie Irish Texan Hollie Cavanagh finally was at hand. Somehow, this dark horse kept clawing her way up the American Idol rankings and landed in fourth place. She should be very proud. Now, the question is if she gets a record deal (which she very well could), will they give her the appropriate time and guidance to make her a star? … However, in the meantime, let’s concentrate on the three people who could be instant stars in just two weeks as I count down the contenders remaining with my list of all new totally unscientific but clearly correct buzz rankings.

American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Buzz Rankings~

1. Jessica: yes, I have her on top again. You may think I’m crazy, but I think she’s building some serious steam and could actually take the crown. My favorite, and the best, singer in the competition absolutely nailed her two performances last week, especially the astounding “And I Am Telling You”. She also has shown more of her fun personality in the clip packages and is the most commercially viable of the finalists left. Plus, let’s be honest, she is gonna grab most of Hollie’s supporter’s votes. I can’t see any Hollie fans actually turning to Phillip or Joshua at this point because they have their staunch supporters while Jessica feels like an underdog a bit and if anyone wants a girl to win, they will move their votes to her. (last week~ 1)
2. Phillip: he had arguably his best performance to date with “Volcano” last week and he remains a judge and tween girl favorite. His looks and personality give him bonus points each week too. However, I have to believe his support is not growing and the fact that most of his songs sound exactly (and boringly) the same does not help him. And really, is there a place for a new Dave Matthews clone on the pop charts today? I doubt it. He could still pull off a win though as he’s a white guy with a guitar like the last four winners… (lw~ 2)
3. Joshua: so why is Mantasia in last place if he gives show stopping performances week in and week out that land him standing ovations with ridiculous frequency? Well, I’d say it’s because I think the audience may finally be over him. Yes, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” was fantastic, but “You Raise Me Up” was perhaps his worst effort in months. He also doesn’t seem like he would have much of a career outside of R&B or gospel circles, so he needs a breakout performance to court new fans. (lw~ 3)

So, it’s a carbon copy of the top three from last week, but I think it’s perhaps closer than ever. Never has a top three seemed so evenly matched and had such divergent and strong support groups. So, just who will rise up and conquer for a spot in the top two tomorrow night? Watch American Idol on Fox and find out… Oh, and vote for Jessica please. (Hey, I just had to, lol)


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