Need your Glee Fix? Check out the Glee Project

For those of you obsessed with Glee, like me, you are probably going through some serious withdrawals right now. This summer there is no Glee tour to tide us over, but there is one way to get your Glee fix… Check out season 2 of Oxygen’s The Glee Project. This awesome, heartfelt, and hilarious reality series is everything that Glee aspires to be, week in and week out. The 14 contestants on the show compete each week in singing, acting and dancing exercises filming a music video at the end of the show. Then, three of them are put up for elimination as casting director Robert Ulrich, choreographer Zach Woodlee (who I remember fondly from his stint on Madonna‘s Drowned World tour) and vocal coach Nikki Anders decide who remains in the competition with a shot at a role on Glee. Last season there were two winners, dreadlocked crooner Samuel Larsen and Irish cutie Damian McGinty, who both landed 7 episode stints on the show. (McGinty actually ended up doing 17 episodes!) The runners-up Lindsay Pearce (who should’ve won if you ask me) and Alex Newell each landed 2 episodes of the Emmy winning show. I sure hope both Pierce and Newell show up next season on Glee. They’re pretty phenomenal. I like McGinty and it would be nice to see him again, but Larsen can get the boot if you ask me. He’s a terrible actor and does nothing for the show as Christian rocker Joe. Anywho, we will see who makes it all the way to the finals and a spot on Glee as the show progresses, and boy are there some great and diverse contenders. There’s a girl in a wheelchair, a blind guy, a transgender contestant and more! To see profiles of all the contestants, head here and check out the Glee Project‘s first music video for Lady Gaga‘s “The Edge of Glory” below…. Then watch The Glee Project Tuesday night’s on Oxygen.

The Glee Project “The Edge of Glory”


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