Celebrate L.A. Gay Pride with Belinda Carlisle!

Grammy nominated pop icon and one of my favorite artists of all time Belinda Carlisle is definitely making heaven a place on Earth this weekend as she brings her luscious vocals to the Los Angeles Gay Pride celebration. The singer will be performing her smashes like “Summer Rain”, “Mad About You”, “Leave A Light On”, “I Get Weak”, “Circle in the Sand” and her # 1 classic “Heaven is a Place on Earth” along with some GoGo’s mega-hits like “Our Lips are Sealed”, “Head Over Heels”, “We Got the Beat” and “Vacation”. I can’t wait! Belinda will be playing the 32nd annual Pride Festival Saturday night, June 9th at 9:45 pm. Belinda always puts on a great show and she is a huge supporter of the gay community, just like her son, out and proud activist James Duke Mason. For more on Belinda, head here.… Saturday’s performers also include Lil Kim, a bunch of Broadway vets in the Upright Cabaret set and my friend Dan Holguin… Sunday, the festival in the heart of West Hollywood, features the big Pride parade with Grand Marshall Molly Ringwald (who is currently playing a lesbian on The Secret Life of an American Teenager) and another day of fun with performers Jessica Sutta, Karmin, Dev and more. For all the info on the festival, events, food, history, directions, etc, head to the LA Pride website here.

And here are some of my favorite Belinda Carlisle  songs and videos. Enjoy!

Of course, I start with the iconic Belinda video for her 1987 Grammy nominated # 1 hit “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. Did you know this one was directed by Oscar winner Diane Keaton?

Belinda Carlisle “Mad About You” (a # 3 smash from 1986)

Belinda Carlisle “Vision of You” (a gorgeous ballad from 1998’s Runaway Horses album)

Belinda Carlisle “Half the World” (another gorgeous ballad, this one from 1991’s Live Your Life Be Free album. It was a big hit in England where she has a huge following)

Belinda Carlisle “In Too Deep” (this was her last charting hit in the U.S. and part of a huge 1996 comeback across Europe along with her A Woman and a Man album)

Belinda Carlise “World Without You” (and this song is one of my absolute favorite album tracks from her biggest album, 1987’s Heaven on Earth. I still think it should’ve been a single in the U.S. It was a hit in England and Ireland. Love it!)


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