Check out “Follow Friday the Film”!

Do you love your Twitter? Do you know who the heck you’re talking to when you’re tweeting? (Yes, I finally learned the correct way to say that, cuz as a non-twitterer my version wasn’t quite so polite…) Have you ever wondered what on Earth makes Twitter such an influential media tool? Or does Twitter simply just confuse you? Well, now you can get all of those questions and more answered with the new documentary Follow Friday the Film…  The movie which is about to begin production follows filmmaker Erin Faulk as she travels cross-country with cinematographer Matthew Sordello to meet and interview the 140 strangers she follows on Twitter. She will discuss why she follows them, look up their recommendations for places to go, things to see and restaurants to visit, etc as she journeys across the country. Looking at their trailer and website, the film should be fascinating. And here’s a bonus, one of my best friend’s ever, Giana Mucci is producing the film along with Brad Follmer. For more on the project, to donate and help out the cause (you know indie filmmaking is tough!), head to their website here and their kickstarter page here.… And check out the tailer and info video below, plus their fun take on Carly Rae Jepsen‘s inescapable smash “Call Me Maybe”… Then watch for Follow Friday the Film to hit festivals and a theatre near you.

Follow Friday the Film

Follow Friday the Film and Janet & the Hunt “Call Me Maybe”

Brad Follmer, Erin Faulk, Giana Mucci, and Matthew Sordell of “Follow Friday the Film”


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  1. Jason in Hollywoodland | #ff the film Says:

    […] you love your Twitter? Do you know who the heck you’re talking to when you’re tweeting? (Yes, I finally learned the […]

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