Linkin Park and Carly Rae Jepsen make Fireworks on the 4th of July Charts

Yesterday was a national holiday as we celebrated the anniversary of our country’s independence on the 4th of July, and two music artists were certainly celebrating as Linkin Park and Carly Rae Jepsen ruled the charts….
On the Billboard 200 Album charts, Linkin Park nabbed their 3rd #1 album with Living Things debuting on top and holding off the latest from Maroon 5, Overexposed, by a very slim 1000 copies. Also debuting in the top ten were new releases from R. Kelly and the Maybach Music Group (whatever that is, lol)… Meanwhile, last week’s leader, Justin Bieber, took a big hit in his second week with a 69% drop. For more on the album charts, head to Billboard here and take a look at the new top ten below.

Top Ten Albums on the Billboard 200:
1. Living Things- Linkin Park (debut)
2. Overexposed- Maroon 5 (debut)
3. Believe- Justin Bieber (last week~ 1)
4. Maybach Music Group Presents- Various Artists (debut)
5. Write Me Back- R. Kelly (debut)
6. Welcome to the Fishbowl- Kenny Chesney (lw~ 2)
7. 21- Adele (lw~ 7)
8. Up All Night- One Direction (lw~8)
9. Looking 4 Myself- Usher (lw~ 6)
10. Rock of Ages Soundtrack- Various Artists (lw~ 5)

Over on the Hot 100, Carly Rae Jepsen makes it 4 in a row on top with “Call Me Maybe”. The rest of the top ten is completely stagnant except for David Guetta and Sia charging in at # 9 with their awesome new hit “Titanium”. Perhaps they can stop Carly’s reign on top… Or maybe, it will be Carly herself as her new single with Owl City, “Good Time” makes a giant debut at # 20 on the Hot 100. We will see… For more on all the singles charts, head here and take a look at the new top ten below.

Top Ten Singles on the Billboard Hot 100
1. “Call Me Maybe”- Carly Rae Jepsen (last week~ 1)
2. “Payphone”- Maroon 5 w/ Wiz Khalifa (lw~ 2)
3. “Somebody that I Used to Know”- Gotye w/ Kimbra ( lw~ 3)
4. “Wide Awake”- Katy Perry (lw~ 4)
5. “Where Have You Been?”- Rihanna (lw~ 5)
6. “Lights”- Ellie Goulding (lw~ 6)
7. “We Are Young”- fun. w/Janelle Monae (lw~ 7)
8. “Starships”- Nicki Minaj (lw~8)
9. “Titanium”- David Guetta w/ Sia (lw~ 12)
10. “Scream”- Usher (lw~ 10)

And here’s Carly Rae Jepsen’s new single with Owl City, “Good Time”… Do you think it could hit the top?


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