“Political Animals” could be the Best Show of the Summer

So far, the summer television season has been pretty lackluster. While we have some great staples like True Blood, Drop Dead Diva and So You Think You Can Dance, the rest of the new offerings (like the incredibly frustrating and self-aggrandizing The Newsroom) have been underwhelming or just plain terrible (The Choice and every dating show ever!). So, thank goodness we have some new great choices on the way. Along with the anticipated new seasons of Project Runway, Breaking Bad, The Closer and USA’s hot hits White Collar, Burn Notice and Covert Affairs comes what might just be the best show of the summer, Political Animals. In this limited drama series, Oscar nominee Sigourney Weaver as a former First Lady of the United States currently serving as Secretary of State with lots of political ambitions and a whole lot of family drama. The show will be looking at the dynamics of government and family and features an incredible cast including Cirian Hands, Josh Wolk, Sebastian Stan, Carla Gugino and Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn. It also hails from the brilliant mind of Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters, Eli Stone, Everwood, Dirty Sexy Money), so you know it’s going to be great. I, for one, am incredibly excited and I think you will be too after you watch the trailer below. Check it out and then set your dvr for Political Animals debuting on USA on July 15th.

Political Animals trailer


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