My Belated So You Think You Can Dance Recap…

So, my life has become a little busy and I’ve been unable to blog with as much regularity as I like. While it’s good because that means I’m working on lots of other great projects like the two web series I’m doing, Sammy Kingsford: Manager to the Stars and The Adventures of Velvet Prozak and my short film Dirty Talk, it’s a little bit of a bummer because I am not giving you my great So You Think You Can Dance recaps on time! … Alas, I apologize and am giving you a brief quick wrap today… This year the show is looking for both a guy and girl winner and will only be airing once a week with eliminations at the end of the show as chosen by the judges after America votes. The judges will choose between America’s lowest vote getters and next week’s first elimination will say goodbye to two guys and two girls… So, who’s in danger? Let’s rank the performances…

SYTYCD Quick Wrap Rankings from 7/11/13

1. Audrey & Matthew- Contemporary: this routine by Travis Wall was simply stunning.
2. Lindsay & Cole- Paso Doble: I agree with Mary this might have been the best Paso ever on the show and Cole destroyed it!
3. Tiffany & George– Contemporary: a beautiful and romantic piece by Sonya
4. Janelle & Dareian– African Jazz- totally awesome… these two could end up being a power couple
5. Amelia & Will– Hip Hop (Character Pop): easily one of the most entertaining of the night, even if it seemed like easy choreography. And I didn’t despise her as much as usual!
6. Alexa & Daniel- Jazz: while American may not understand this number, these two are incredible technicians and Daniel is adorbs.
7. Eliana & Cyrus- Broadway: sure it was very entertaining but there wasn’t much skill on display if you ask me. Tyce totally made it easy for Cyrus… .Eliana is brilliant though.
8. Witney & Chehon– Samba: she totally schooled him in this number, but I hope his hotness keeps him in contention.
9. Amber & Nick– Vienesse Waltz: it was nice, but forgettable in the end
10. Janaya & Brandon– Hip Hop: I appreciated this attempt at a relationship in dire straits due to alcoholism, but it just didn’t quite connect the way it could’ve.

Who’s in Danger?…. My Predictions~

Bottom 3 Girls: Janaya, Amber, Alexa (maybe Amelia)
Bottom 3 Guys: Nick, Brandon, Chehon (maybe Daniel)
Going Home: Janaya, Amber & Nick, Brandon

So, there ya have it. My first quick take on this season’s So You Think You Can Dance. Watch the show next week for the first eliminations. Who are your favorites and will they make it? My current favorites are Matthew, Eliana, Daniel and Janelle. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them next week on SYTYCD Wednesday on Fox. And P.S. how much have we missed the brilliant and beautiful host of SYTYCD Cat Deeley. She better get another Emmy nomination next week. I’m just sayin’!

And here’s Audrey & Matthew’s brilliant Travis Wall contemporary piece. Enjoy.


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One Response to “My Belated So You Think You Can Dance Recap…”

  1. scarla Says:

    I think best routine was by far paso-doble! and they were like guest ball-room masters not like contestant! amazing dancers. Travis routine was good but so much predictable and boring. we watched hundred of same type contemporary! I’m sure everyone gonna forget it in a few week. I like Audrey she is amazing dancer but Matthew annoys me. he has dull face nothings going on his face, no acting, no emotion. I dont think he will stay long. Favorites are Audrey, Cole, Chehon, Eliana and Lindsay!

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