First Listen~ No Doubt “Settle Down”

Grammy winning pop group No Doubt hasn’t released an album of new material since 2001’s Rock Steady. Sure, we got a greatest hits collection in 2003 with their awesome top ten hit cover of “It’s My Life”, but since then, lead singer Gwen Stefani has been off having babies and a big solo career. Luckily, the band has not lost any of their touch in the decade since Steady. Today, the brand new single from their forthcoming album Push and Shove just hit the net and it’s pretty great. The song, entitled “Settle Down”, is a pop dance track with some reggae and rock influences that sounds both modern and true to the group’s sound. Check it out below and watch for the video to hit the web tomorrow while the new album will be out Sept. 25.

No Doubt “Settle Down”


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2 Responses to “First Listen~ No Doubt “Settle Down””

  1. Seth Says:

    it didn’t play for me…it says that it’s no longer available…

  2. jasonboegh Says:

    shoot. I’ll get another link. Thx

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