Can Amy Adams finally win an Oscar this Year?

Amy Adams has quickly become one of the best and most sought over actresses in Hollywood since her first Oscar nomination for 2005’s Junebug. Since then she has been nominated twice more for Doubt and The Fighter, but she has yet to win…. However Adams, who is one of my favorite actresses by the way, has a couple more chances to make it to the race this year. While her supporting part in On the Road is surely good, its her appearances in two other big Oscar contenders that should see her grab one or two nods. She could land her first Best Actress nomination (PS- I still think she was robbed of a Lead Actress nom for Enchanted) for the dramedy The Trouble with the Curve where she plays Clint Eastwood’s daughter as they struggle to reconnect in the baseball world. And she seems like one of the front-runners for Supporting Actress this year (alongside Les MiserablesAnne Hathaway) for her performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s drama The Master co-starring Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix. I’d say she’ll get at least one nod this year, but will she win? We shall see. Take a look at the trailers for both films below and let me know if you think she’s finally gonna take home the gold… Also, watch for Adams to make her Broadway debut and let loose with her wonderful singing voice in the latest revival of Into the Woods this fall. Um, yeah, she’s ridiculously talented.

The Master

The Trouble with the Curve


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