New Music from American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez~ “Fairtytale”!

The girl who should’ve won American Idol this season, the giant voiced diva Jessica Sanchez just announced some great news at this week’s I Heart Radio Festival: she is signed to Interscope Records (run by Idol’s own Jimmy Iovine). This comes as no surprise to anyone who watched Idol this season or has heard her incredible voice as it was just a matter of time til the runner up’s deal was in place. Her debut album will be released later this fall, probably a week or so behind winner Phillip Phillips first release. (And how shocking is it that his coronation single “Home” has become a bona fide hit selling over 1.4 million downloads and hitting # 9 on the Hot 100? And what is that sound you hear after learning this information? That is me inserting my foot into my mouth…)
Not only did Jessica announce her new record deal this week, but she also performed a new pop dance single that will likely be on the album, “Fairytale”. It’s a fun ditty that totally fits a 16-year-old singer while also showcasing her glorious pipes. There’s no word if it’s an official single or just one of the songs from her recording sessions. I will let you know as soon as I hear and I will also bring you as much Jessica info as I can in the months ahead. In the meantime, take a listen to her new song “Fairytale” live below.

Jessica Sanchez “Fairtytale”


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