The So You Think You Can Dance Finale is Tonight!!

Unfortunately with the wonky scheduling (hello Olympics interruption) and the elimination of the results show, this has been one weird season of Emmy nominated So You Think You Can Dance. However, the quality of the show and the dancers is just as good as ever with some seriously brilliant competitors, including three of the final four contenders. Those three are contemporary dancer Tiffany and ballet superstars Eliana and Chehon. The final hoofer is the incredibly likable and fun animator/hip hop dancer Cyrus. While he continues to grow week to week and has charisma for days, he is completely out of his league against his peers. I really appreciate how well he has done in the competition but it’s a shame better male dancers like Cole, George, and Matthew all were voted off before him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because a great deal of this show is a popularity contest or how would Benji have beaten Travis Wall back in season 2 when Travis has gone on to be an Emmy nominated industry star? Anywho, I’m incredibly excited for tonight’s finale which will reunite the entire top 20 including ballroom girl Witney who sooooo has a future on Dancing with the Stars and the ridiculously fun Will. Just who will win is the question? Take a look at my predictions below and check out some videos of my favorites as well… And don’t forget to watch SYTYCD hosted by the sure to win the Emmy next week Cat Deeley tonight at 8pm on Fox.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Finale Predictions~

Will Win: Eliana and Cyrus
Should Win: Eliana and Chehon (those two are just astounding in every way!)

And for proof check out these amazing dances by my favorite two dancers of the season…

Chehon & all star Allison (the best female dancer the show has produced if you ask me) choreographed by the brilliant Emmy nominated Stacy Tookey

Eliana & all star Alex Wong

Eliana & Chehon in a ballet piece

And just because she’s adorable and a very worth finalist, please enjoy this incredible contemporary piece starring Tiffany with all star Ade


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