I’m Off to Palm Springs for the World Premiere of “Dirty Talk” at Cinema Diverse!

I’m headed out-of-town today readers. So there probably won’t be any posts til Monday but it’s for a great reason. I’m off to the Cinema Diverse Palm Springs International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival for the world premiere of the hilarious short I co-produced and co-starred in, Dirty Talk. It’s the first screening of our festival tour. We will then be heading to Out on Film Atlanta on Oct. 6th, the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on Oct. 9th and the Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on Oct. 13th. For more on our film and those screenings, head here and watch our website, Twitter and Facebook for more info and festivals to come throughout the year. And take a look at the information on Dirty Talk and our Palm Springs screening below.

Dirty Talk at Cinema Diverse Palm Springs International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

~Sunday Sept 23rd at 7pm before the feature Love or Whatever
(buy tickets for the film Love or Whatever starring Jennifer Elise Cox and Kate Flannery from The Office that also includes Dirty Talk)
* our cast, crew and filmmakers will all be present for this screening and the Q & A!

Dirty Talk
Written & Directed by Jeff Sumner
Produced by Harrison Bloom, Jason Boegh and Jeff Sumner
Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Music by Michael Teoli,  Casting by Tony Miros
Edited by David Neuendorff
Starring: Jeff Sumner, Jason Boegh, Ralph Cole Jr., Jeffrey Christopher Todd and Claude Knowlton.

Dirty Talk tells the story of Nathan (Jeff Sumner), a conservative English teacher who tells his best friend Zach (Jason Boegh) about a one night stand with a hot Latin man (Claude Knowlton) who loves to talk dirty and takes him out of his comfort zone.

Dirty Talk website: http://www.dirtytalk-themovie.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dirty-Talk-a-short-film/338742746158466
Twitter: https://twitter.com/movie_dirtytalk
imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2212860/

Dirty Talk trailer:

If you are in Palm Springs today, I also recommend you see the wonderful animated short Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars Sing! I did a small voice part in this great film by my friend, the talented Mike Derry, that was adapted from his popular Troy Comics series. Head here for tickets to that film which airs before the great feature Elliott Loves. And check out the trailer for Troy below

Troy Naked Boys Behind Bars Sing! trailer

Hope to see some of you in Palm Springs and across the country for our film festival tour of Dirty Talk!
Thanks so much
Jason Boegh


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