Will Chris Mann be the First Real Success from “The Voice”?

I have been a bit critical of The Voice since its inception. The show is really only about “the voice” during the blind audition rounds, but soon turns into a competition about “the whole package” in the subsequent weeks. The first two seasons drove me nuts with annoying judges banter, selection of contestants that weren’t as good as their booted counterparts and ridiculous over-production, and don’t get me started on the “social media” correspondent crap. Plus, honestly with so many contestants, you don’t really develop much of a connection with the singers and the show became all about the judges. That being said, season 3 has improved on all accounts. The judges have found a nice and less-irritating camaraderie and there’s some great talent along with new twists like “the steal” which make the latter rounds much more interesting. So, I’m pleased and haven’t tuned out yet like I did in the previous seasons.
With all that being said, I still wonder if The Voice will ever produce a viable hit maker. Season 1’s top contenders bombed with their debut albums and does anyone even remember who won season 2? Not likely. (It’s sad too since there are some good singers. They should take some lessons from American Idol which continues to produce big stars. This year’s Idol  winner Phillip Phillip’s coronation single, “Home”, has gone double platinum already!) … However, there may just be a surprise success from the show in top 4 finalist from season 2 pop-opera singer Chris Mann. He was the good-looking fellow from Team Xtina who was like a mix of Josh Groban and Michael Buble. And that’s exactly what he sounds like on his debut single “Roads”. The beautiful ballad is already climbing the AC charts and his first album, Roads, hits stores and digital retailers tomorrow. I think he has the best shot of actually becoming successful for any contestant from The Voice because of his genre of music. He fits the AC mold very well and doesn’t have to fight for pop radio airplay. On a side note, he clearly had the best voice of anyone his season, so it would be a fitting compliment to the show if he is actually successful and gives credence to the show’s title. Take a listen to his new single below and let me know. Do you think his voice should’ve won and will he actually succeed where everyone else from The Voice fails? … For more on Chris Mann, head here.

Chris Mann “Roads”


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One Response to “Will Chris Mann be the First Real Success from “The Voice”?”

  1. margarite:) Says:

    I remember having The Voice on in the background and with Chris Mann’s first note, I was compelled to give him the attention his voice deserved. First of all, he had b@lls to show up with an opera audition and in Italian too! He has the right mix of technical and a smoky qualitiy. I looked him up on YouTube and his covers of current pop hits sold me on him BIG TIME. There’s no doubt — this guy will go all the way.

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