Let’s Rank “The Voice” Finalists…

So, I have finally succumbed to The Voice in season 3. While the first two cycles, drove me nuts after the interesting “blind” auditions, this go round has implemented some great changes (like the “Steal”), focused on some fantastic singers and, thankfully, the judges aren’t annoying like before. One more thing that could improve the show~ PLEASE eliminate the ridiculous “Social Media” aspect of the show. We don’t care! Sorry Christina Milian… .Anywho, the improved product has yielded 12 strong finalists, 11 of which deserve to be there. But just who deserves to win at this point? Take a look at my rankings below and watch The Voice live tonight on NBC.

My Ranking of The Voice Finalists~ Top 12 Edition

1. Amanda Brown: she’s flawless week in and week out in every genre of music. Great vocals, gorgeous to look at and a fiery fun personality. She’s my pick to win the whole thing and deservedly so.
2. Cody Belew: this soulful country boy has nailed every musical flavor thrown at him doing it with style and confidence along the way.
3. Trevor Hunte: this big fella can wail like nobody’s business and has a great underdog back story. Now, if he’d stop singing 80’s and 90’s AC ballads…
4. Sylvia Yacoub: she broke out with a tender and emotionally resonant version of “The One That Got Away” that gave us a try sense of who she is and what she can do. She could be a dark horse.
5. Dez Duron: no, he’s not the best singer, but he is clearly a star. He’s hot, has a good voice and has charisma for days. If he picks the right songs, stays humble and improves week to week, he could end up surpassing a lot of better singers in the competition.
6. Terry McDermott: the Scottish rocker’s range is pretty amazing and he has a precise and flawless tone. If he could just fix that hair…
7. Michaela Paige: I’m thrilled Blake “saved” her because she’s by far the best on his weak team. This little P!nk rocker could pull ahead if she continues to nail her live performances.
8. Cassadee Pope: she’s beautiful, has great stage presence and a strong voice. But is the former rock band leader being out shown by the novices?

9. Brian Keith: good voice, but totally unlikable and overly cocky.
10. Nicholas David: he’s the elder statesman in the competition with the velvety voice. He is the definition of the show because you would never think a guy with that voice would look like he does. He’s a nice guy too. However, he is sorely lacking in star quality and is a tad forgettable.
11. Adriana Louise: she was the pretty pop powerhouse that Xtina saved. Now, she better show us why Xtina loves her so much or she is in trouble.
12. Melanie Maritnez: the two-haired girl with the annoying whisper voice plain sucks. I’m sorry I have no idea what she’s doing there or why Adam “saved” her. Blech.

Cody Belew: 

Now, who are your favorites? And who are you gonna vote for tonight? Let me know below.


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2 Responses to “Let’s Rank “The Voice” Finalists…”

  1. Greg Says:

    Agree with this – all the way. I am glad Xtina looks less skanky, too. Really rooting for Amanda!

  2. brad008 Says:

    If Cassadee Pope sticks to country, she’ll be in the final with the fat kid with the great voice.

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