The Best of Glee’s “Glease”

Over the past two week’s, the Emmy winning Glee took on arguably the most popular musical of all time Grease. The results were predictably mixed. While some of it was fun like “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee” by evil Cheerio Kitty (the deliciously devilish Becca Tobin), much of it was lackluster (“Hand Jive”) or just plain wrong (the cleaned up censor-friendly version of “Grease Lightning” made me want to punch myself in the face). However, there was one great highlight: the show’s take on the classic Rizzo ballad “The Worse Things I Can Do” (originally sung by Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Stockard Channing). Glee wove three different storylines into the song and featured fabulous vocals from Santana (the sorely missed Naya Rivera. Please bring her back full-time), Unique (The Glee Project standout Alex Newell) and a fantastic Kate Hudson as the manipulative and bitter teacher Cassandra July. Wow has Hudson got a great voice (previously noted in the wonderful film musical Nine) and a great body to boot! … Anywho, it was the best part of last night’s show on this improved (for the most part) season of Glee. Enjoy it below… And on a side note, I’m totally digging the season’s newcomers. The aforementioned Tobin is a formidable villain while newbies Melissa Benoist (Marley) and Jacob Artist (Jake) are wonderful singers and performers, not to mention the ridiculously sexy Dean Geyer as Brody. And yes, The Glee Project winner Blake Jenner has proven he deserved the crown as one of the best actors to grace the show to date (although I still wish Ali or Ayleen had won as they exemplify everything Glee stands for better than Jenner)…. For more on Glee, head here and catch the “Dynamic Duets” episode next Thursday on Thanksgiving on Fox.

Glee “There are Worse Things I Could Do”


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