Tonight’s “The Voice” Quick Wrap Recap

Oh dear, I am officially invested in this season of The Voice. I even voted last week and earlier tonight. Someone help me! … With that said, this season has some great vocalists and tonight’s episode was a million times better than last week. So, let’s take a look at my rankings and predictions for the Top Ten…

The Voice Performance Rankings 11/19/12

1. Amanda “Stars”: her vocals were flawless and the song choice inspired and authentic. She’s back ya’ll!
2. Cassadee “Over You”: I have to say I was shocked at how much I liked this. It was easily her best performance and it was the first time I was buying the kool aid they’ve been selling over her.
3. Dez “Feelin’ Good”: Seriously, he’s totally going to the final four… And this was his best yet.
4. Cody “Crazy in Love”: sure the staging out shown his singing. However, it was the most fun and memorable moment of the night and he remains my personal favorite male singer in the race.
5. Nicholas “Lean on Me”: No, I wasn’t as enthused as the judges, but it was another solid performance from the one contestant who actually exemplifies the title of the show.
6. Sylvia “Girl on Fire”: this poor girl can’t catch a break. I feel like the producers think she’s cannon fodder and they made her go first. However, she served them on of her best performances to date. I hope she can make it another week.
7. Terry “Summer of 69”: his vocals are fantastic as always, but this was actually a bit rote and forgettable. And let’s be honest, he really just should be in a band…
8. Bryan “New York State of Mind”: um, can you say boring? Yes, he hit all the notes quite nicely, but this guy is blah central and less likable each week.
9. Trevin “Scream”: that’s precisely what I wanted to do throughout this performance. Trevin, NO!!!! Pitchy, awkward and by far his worst performance to date.
10. Melanie “Seven Nation Army”: Why is two toned hair girl still here? That may have been her best, but it was still terrible.

In danger of going home: Trevin, Melanie, Sylvia, Bryan, Cody

Going home: Sylvia and either Melanie or Bryan

So, there’s my quick two cents on tonight’s show. Sorry for the brevity, but I have to get up real early in the morning. But hey, now you can tell me your thoughts below… Oh and one more thing~ Carson Daly, do some homework. You clearly know nothing about music (um, “Summer of 69” is a classic American song? No, it’s by Bryan Adams, a Canadian. Hello!). You are way too stressed out and pushy and have all the finesse of a mack truck in your line delivery or you’re  just plain checked out. You, sir, are no Seacrest... Ok, rant concluded… Until tomorrow night’s results show that is…

And here’s Cassadee’s shockingly good performance of “Over You”


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One Response to “Tonight’s “The Voice” Quick Wrap Recap”

  1. Dave A. Says:

    Same top 2 & bottom 3 if i were to rank them! I voted for both Cassadee & Amanda tonight.

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