My “The Voice” Quick Wrap Recap for 11/26/12

So sorry for the delay in posting this recap for last night’s somewhat underwhelming episode of The Voice. I had a late rehearsal so I didn’t get to watch the show til late, and I totally had to watch the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars too. (Um Raven, you were robbed!)… Anywho, I’m all caught up and still confused why everyone seems to be in love with Cassadee Pope. She’s selling like crazy on iTunes and certainly does a good job, but really, what is the mass appeal? She’s no Kelly Clarkson. But I digress…. So, just who do I think really has “the voice”? Check out my rankings below.

The Voice Performance Rankings for 11/26/12
1. Amanda Brown- “Someone Like You”: giving us a rocking version of Adele’s massive # 1 smash ballad was a big risk and it paid off in spades. Amanda is the most seasoned and talented of all the finalists if you ask me, not to mention exhibiting the most range. Love her.
2. Cody Belew- “Somebody to Love”: rebounding from his fun but derivative performance last week, my favorite male singer in the competition killed it on Queen’s iconic “Somebody to Love”. He has incredible stage presence and personality to go with his great vocals which got a nice and much-needed showcase this week.
3. Nicholas David- “What’s Going On”: the bearded Santa/ZZ Top contender delivered another pristine and pure vocal on the Marvin Gaye classic cementing his likely status as one of the final four. He also is the only contestant who truly represents what this show claims to be about, so extra points for that Nicholas!
4. Cassadee Pope- “AreYou Happy Now?”: while it was big step down from last week, Cassadee still did a nice job on Michelle Branch’s mid 2000’s rock/pop hit. She’s likable and has a decent voice, but why on Earth is everyone going crazy for her? Please let me know in the comments cuz I’m apparently missing something. (I’d still be content if she won though cuz we need more female winners on these talent shows folks.)
5. Dez Duran- “U Smile”: Dez always does a good job and looks amazing doing it. This one, however, was a little generic and I’m sorry, but a Bieber song? Really? You’re lucky you’re so hot Dez cuz you need a better song next time.
6. Terry McDermott- “Over You”: the Scottish rocker/mulletted Hobbit had another strong vocal on this Blake Shelton country hit. However, he really is lacking the star power to win this show and is it me or do all his performances feel like the same thing?
7. Trevin Hunte- “The Greatest Love of All”: Ok, Trevin is clearly a great guy with a nice voice. However, this was pretty bad. He was flat and/or pitchy throughout his take on Whitney Houston’s # 1 ballad from 1986 “The Greatest Love of All”. As my roommate said last night, he should’ve gone for more of a George Benson take on the song and made it intimate and less bombastic because unfortunately, this was just not good.
8. Melanie Martinez- “Too Close”: absolutely making a mess of Alex Clare’s recent # 7 hit, Melanie Skunk Hair Martinez was the worst of the bunch again. Her wispy vocals are atrocious. She has no stage presence and while I appreciate her attempts to make each song her own, she failed tremendously again last night. This was awful… And so why on Earth are people buying her crap on iTunes too? #Imconfused


In Danger: Trevin, Terry, Cody, Dez (unfortunately for me, Melanie seems destined to stay another week)
Going Home: Trevin and Terry

And there you have it. As RuPaul says, I just “let you have it” with my recap, lol… But what do you think? Who’s your favorite and who do you think is going home? And how terrible of a host if Carson Daly? And why is Xtina so mean to Amanda Brown? Jealous much? And what does Adam have against The Viper Room? And how cute is CeeLo and Cody’s friend/funship? Ok, enough babbling from me. Sound off below and watch the results show tonight on NBC.


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