My “The Voice” Quick Wrap Recap for the Top 6

TheVoice3-Top6PerfI have to say I almost didn’t write this recap… I was so disappointed and irritated with last night’s episode of The Voice, I had to wait until this morning to calm down and be a little more objective… Unfortunately, the top 6 show in season 3 brought up everything I hated about the show from the previous seasons. It was as if the show had turned into the atrocious X Factor again. There was the over-production of all the numbers, the emphasis on dancers, props, lighting and staging over the singing. There was Carson Daly at his worst and the useless Christina Milian babbling away with the stupid “social commentary” of the show. There were all four judges being producers’ puppets and overly praising and hyping their pre-ordained winner Cassadee Pope (who’s good but not that good people). There was no true criticism and the judges were making it all about themselves again. Plus, Christina Aguilera could’ve have been more full of herself and rude again last night, and what on Earth does she have against Amanda? Jealous much? And don’t get me started on Xtina’s wigs and costumes. As a former big fan, she is on her last legs with me… I could go on and on, but I just want to count down the performances and be done with it because I am honestly worried about tonight’s results. As America has proved time and again with talent shows, they often get it wrong and I’m really worried that might happen tonight.

The Voice Performance Rankings for the Top 6
1. Amanda Brown “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”: Simply brilliant. The best performance and vocal of the night by a mile.
2. Amanda Brown “Here I Go Again”: her rocking take on Whitesnake’s 1987 # 1 hit was inspired and awesome. This girl is in a class of her own people!
3. Nicholas David- “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”: just when I thought I would never hear a new interpretation of this classic, I was wrong. This was a lovely interesting version of the song that had me rather pleased and surprised.
4. Cassadee Pope- “I’m With You”: Avril-lite finally got to do an Avril Lavigne song with her nice if uninspired version of this # 3 hit. Sure, Cassadee has a lot of potential to be the first real hit maker from The Voice, but I’m sorry I’m just not buying the Cassadee juice the producers are selling.
5. Trevin Hunte- “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”: while this was his best performance in weeks, I’m sorry Trevin, but you are no Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holliday or even Jessica Sanchez.
6. Terry McDermott- “I Want to Know What Love Is”: I wasn’t blown away by Terry’s take on this 1985 # 1 hit by Foreigner like the judges were. However, it was pretty good. I would’ve liked more variation and tenderness in his choices and less hollering the whole time.
7. Cassadee Pope- “Stand“: this was another solid performance, but um, Blake she’s not a country artist and stop trying to make her one. Plus the glowsticks in the audience made me want to hurl my tv out the window. Stop it Voice producers! These people are not stars yet!
8. Nicholas David- “September”: this was an ok version of the Earth Wind and Fire classic. Nicholas always exhibits smooth soul and good vocals, but it was a bit boring.
9. Terry McDermott- “Stay with Me”: um, that was fine…. That’s all I have to say cuz I’ve already forgotten it.
10. Trevin Hunte- “Walking on Sunshine”: what the hell was that? Please never again.
11. Melanie Martinez- “The Show”: oh dear that was bad and the rainbow in the background too? Really?
12. Melanie Martinez- “Crazy”: CeeLo should’ve been pissed. She utterly ruined his song with another atrocious pitchy performance. Just terrible.

Should go home: Trevin, Melanie
Will go home: Trevin and um… I don’t know… I think the only person who’s safe is Cassadee. Nicholas, Terry and Melanie are charting well on iTunes, so that will help them. Unfortunately, the best contestant by a mile, Amanda, may end up the loser tonight. Blargh!

So, there’s my recap and if America does the wrong thing and sends Amanda home, I’m done with the show. So, I’m gonna end it here and just wait and see. Hope ya’ll voted for Amanda!!!


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One Response to “My “The Voice” Quick Wrap Recap for the Top 6”

  1. AJ (@AmandaJoy) Says:

    Ok, I know I just posted on your FB page but you nailed this — I totally agree. It took me a long while but I eventually got over Idol and stopped watching… Maybe my being over The Voice has come sooner.

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