And I’m done with “The Voice”

So, if you watched last night’s episode of The Voice, you saw the show’s best and most talented contestant, Amanda Brown, get eliminated. It was horrifying and upsetting and another in a long line of singing show voting injustices. Following in the footsteps of singers like American Idol’Jennifer Hudson, Carly Smithson, Pia Toscano and Chris Daughtry getting the boot before they should’ve, Brown was sent packing. With that news, I am sending the show packing. If you read my recap from Tuesday night, I was very dissatisfied with the show as it devolved into an overproduced X-Factor type mess (much like its first two seasons). So, with the show’s continuing decline and the wonderfully talented Ms. Brown no longer in the running, I am done with The Voice. There’s really no reason to watch for me anymore. So, sorry but my recaps are done for this season. We’ll see if I return in the Spring when there will be some new judging blood in Usher and Shakira (replacing the delightful but derivative Cee Lo and the incredibly rude, egotistical and annoying Christina Aguilera). Until then, I would recommend mjsbigblog for good recaps and news on the show…. And I’ll just look positively towards a new season of the only talent show that actually produces successful pop stars and remains the gold standard, American Idol.


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