Glee Highlights from “Swan Song”

Glee had another great episode this week which detailed the after math of Marley (the very talented newbie Melissa Benoist) passing out at Sectionals and Rachel (Emmy/Golden Globe nominee Lea Michele) competing in a showcase at NYADA. Predictably the best numbers were the NYADA showcase songs by Rachel and Kurt who was granted an impromptu re-audition at the showcase and a hot dance/sing off with Rachel and her teacher Cassie (the sure to be Emmy nominated Kate Hudson). However, I have to say when the Glee kids reunited on the Crowded House classic ’86 hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, I got all misty. Check out the performances below and catch Glee’s holiday episode this Thursday on Fox.

Rachel (Lea Michele) “Being Good isn’t Good Enough“: This performance was simply stunning at Michele tore through the Broadway tune from Hallelujah Baby with fierce vocals. It was the first of four times in “Swan Song” that I was moved to tears.

Rachel (Lea Michele) “O Holy Night”: when given an encore performance, Rachel chose this Christmas classic and had me crying again. Simply stunning.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) “Being Alive”: this Sondheim tune from Company gave Colfer his best moment all season. It was a gorgeous performance that let him dig deep but yet keep it subtle and real. I really loved it and the kleenex came out again.

Glee kids & Finn (Cory Monteith) “Don’t Dream It’s Over”: the final group number had the patented optimism the show is known for and it was a wonderful rendition, that yes, brought me to tears.

To end on a less teary note, please enjoy the fantastic and sexy duet between Rachel & Cassie (Kate Hudson) on “All that Jazz” from Chicago.


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