All of My Movie Grades for 2012!

I saw a ton of movies in 2012 and of course, I had to grade them all…. Some were brilliant like Les Miserables and The Perks of les misBeing a Wallflower whiles some were dreadful like The Master and This is 40… So, just what did I think of your favorites? Check out all my movie grades below.

My 2012 Movie Grades:

Les MIserables: A
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: A
Zero Dark Thirty: A
The Impossible: A
Any Day Now: A
Argo: A
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A
Flight: A
The Intouchables: A
Skyfall: A
Lincoln: A-
Beasts of the Southern Wild: A-
The Dark Knight Rises: A-
The Avengers: A-
Wreck It Ralph: A-
Gayby: A-
Pitch Perfect: A-
Smashed: A-
The Hunger Games: A-
Hope Springs: A-
ParaNorman: A-
Arbitrage: A-1-Poster5
Middle of Nowhere: A-
End of Watch: B+
The Hobbit: B+
Django Unchained: B+
The Bourne Legacy: B+
Quartet: B+
Silver Linings Playbook: B+
The Amazing Spiderman: B+
Looper: B+
Life of Pi: B
Rust & Bone: B
Seven Psychopaths: B
Promised Land: B
Brave: B
Robot & Frank: B
Safe House: B
The Sessions: B
Sparkle: B
Savages: B
Rock of Ages: B
The Guilt Trip: B
Red Tails: B
Won’t Back Down: B
Anna Karenina: B-
Bernie: B-
Amour: B-rock-of-ages-movie-poster-2
Lawless: B-
The Vow: B-
Return: B-
Dark Shadows: B-
The Skinny: B-
People Like Us: B-
Celeste and Jesse Forever: B-
Ted: B-
Men in Black 3: C+
The Deep Blu Sea: C+
Act of Valor: C+
Friends with Kids: C+
Magic Mike: C
Total Recall: C
Madagascar 3~ Europe’s Most Wanted: C
Cloud Atlas: C
Rise of the Guardians: C
This Means War: C
Trouble with the Curve: C
W.E.: C
Joyful Noise: C
Moonrise Kingdom: C-
21 Jump Street: C-
Mirror Mirror: C-
The Five Year Engagement: C-
The Paperboy: C-
Hyde Park on Hudson: C-
Haywire: C-
One for the Money: D+
John Carter: D+
This is 40: D
The Grey: D
The Master: D
Killer Joe: F


3 Responses to “All of My Movie Grades for 2012!”

  1. Seth Santoro Says:

    Hi!!! Am I the only one that thinks “This is 40” was hilarious??

  2. Karla Says:

    I didn’t think think “This Is 40” was a great movie, but I admit to laughing aloud several times. Most notably, at the Melissa McCarthy outtake during the credits. Also: two total sleepers that I really liked: “Liberal Arts” and “Jeff, Who Lives at Home.”

    Jason, I love this post. Your insight always helps me know what’s out there and what I might like/dislike.

  3. jasonboegh Says:

    Um, “This is 40” was absolutely horrendous. It was indulgent, overly-long, mean-spiritied, annoying, and worst of all not the least bit funny. It was a waste of great actors in a terrible home movie that Judd Apatow made for himself with some of the most hateful characters I’ve ever seen in a supposed “comedy”. Blech!

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