Some Quick Thoughts on Today’s Oscar Nominations

les misFor the most part, today’s Oscar nominations represented a good amount of the great films and performances from the past year. It was a year that had more strong films than any in recent memory. So, there were bound to be a number of snubs included with the good nominations. However, it was the amount of snubs and the big ones that really surprised me today… So, let’s take a look at what was good and bad, or more politely, disappointing about today’s nominations… And on a side note, how refreshing and fun was the funny presentation of the nominations by host (and nominee for Best Song) Seth MacFarlane and the delightful Emma Stone?

The Good:

The nominations for Les Miserables and Lincoln: the two films are big studio epics that succeeded on all levels and they deserve to be two of the front-runners, even if one (Lincoln) out-scored the other.

Beasts of the Southern Wild for Best Picture: this scrappy and fascinating indie broke through to the big race and even landed 3 other big noms along the way (even if I disagree with one of those… more on that later.)

Skyfall gets some recognition: while it was sadly left out of the Best Picture and acting races, the most successful Bond film still picked up a big 5 nominations and I’d say it will and deserves to win Cinematography and Song. (Yes, even this die-hard Les Mis lover thinks Adele should win that category.)

No Rise of the Guardians in Animated Film: I’m pleased the Academy left off this hot mess of a film from its nominations. While the animation is stunning, the story made no sense and was rather pedantic, plus the talented Chris Pine was totally miscast in the lead.

Naomi Watts: I’m so thrilled this incredible actress nabbed a nomination for her grueling and heart-breaking work in The Impossible. I just wish the film had gotten more kudos.

Zero Dark Thirty: this fantastic film is suffering some ridiculous controversy in the press over its accuracy and politics. However, it’s a brilliant bit of storytelling, acting (hello miss Jessica Chastain) and filmmaking. I’m thrilled it’s in contention.

The Bad~lesmiz-barricadelove

The Director’s race: all I can say is WTF?!!! Where the heck are Ben Affleck (Argo), Kathryn Bigelow (ZD30) and Tom Hooper (Les Mis). Three of the best films of the year got noms all over the place but not for their helmers? Ridiculous. I’d throw out Michael Haneke and David O’Russell to start.

No Marion Cottilard (Rust & Bone) & Helen Mirren (Hitchcock): both of these veteran performers gave amazing performances and were replaced by th cute upstart Quevanzhane Wallis in Beasts. Yes, Wallis did good work, but no way is she in the same league as these ladies who should’ve been in the running. I’m sorry but Cottilard was just stunning in Rust & Bone. It’s a tragedy!

No The Intouchables in Foreign Film: not only is this French film hilarious and heart-warming, it was a gigantic international smash hit. How is it missing???

No Eddie Redmayne & Samantha Barks (Les Miserables): Barks gave an incredible debut performance and should’ve been nominated over Jackie Weaver while Redmayne was astounding and almost upstaged his brilliant costars who were nominated (Jackman and Hathaway). He really got the shaft this awards season.

No Ewan McGregor (The Impossible): Poor McGregor can’t catch a break from the Academy. He can add this terrible snub to his big snub for Moulin Rouge! When are they gonna nominate this brilliant actor?ewan the impossible

No Perks of Being a Wallflower: my second favorite film of 2012 (after Les Mis) was an underdog from the start, but it is so beloved by everyone who has seen it, I was surprised it got no Oscar love. I thought it would at least make the Adapted Screenplay category. … Blargh I say!

The Ugly~ 

I’m sorry but Joaquin Phoenix getting in for his irritating and forced performance in the atrocious The Master over John Hawkes in The Sessions, not to mention Richard Gere in Arbitrage, is just outrageous.

Whew, I’m sure I could vent some more and talk about more surprising snubs (Leonardo DiCaprio, Maggie Smith, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Dark Knight Rises anyone?), but I’ll let you state your thoughts in the comments below…. What are your favorite and least favorite nominees this year.

Oh and here’s how the film’s did in totsl nominations…

Lincoln: 12
Life of Pi: 11
Les Miserables: 8
Silver Linings Playbook: 8
Argo: 7
Zero Dark Thirty: 5
Django Unchained: 5
Skyfall: 5
Amour: 4
Anna Karenina: 4
Beasts of the Southern Wild: 4
The Hobbit: 3
The Master: 4
Flight: 3
Snow White and the Huntsman: 2


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