Shameless Self Promotion~ Catch Me on “Guys With Kids” this Week!

GuysWithKids_UPF2012_PHey readers,
It’s only been a week since my hilarious appearance on The New Normal, but I’m back with some more shameless self promotion. This time, I’m talking up my appearance on this week’s Guys With Kids. This great new comedy stars Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson, and Zach Cregger as rambunctious dads raising their kids despite still behaving like kids themselves. Jamie Lynn-Sigler, Tempest Bledsoe (that’s Vanessa from The Cosby Show people!) and the hysterical Erinn Hayes costar as the women in their lives. The show keeps getting funnier each week and it was a thrill to be a guest on their set for a week. (Big props to my friend, the talented Kenny Schwartz who runs the show too).
In this week’s episode, the gang enters a bar trivia contest where they encounter my team, “No Quiziness like Show Quizness”. Fellow guest star, the hilarious Misty Monroe, and I attempt to defeat their team in a serious and super fun game. It’s a really funny episode and it was such a pleasure to work on the Guys With Kids set. Everyone was so nice, welcoming and at the top of their comedy game. Check out the episode this Wednesday night on NBC.

Jason Boegh on GUYS WITH KIDS
Wed night 1/30 at 8:30pm on NBC.

Here’s a pic of me and fellow costar Misty Monroe too. Enjoy!

GWK shoot
Thanks for your support!
Jason Boegh
PS- catch me on Days of Our Lives in February too!


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