Shameless Self Promotion~ “Thoroughly Melted Minnie”

TMM shootHey readers, have I got a fun show for you to check out. After my recent appearances on The New Normal, Days of Our Lives and Guys with Kids, another great project I did is coming your way. Last summer I worked on a new hilarious web series called Thoroughly Melted Minnie playing a wacky drama teacher throwing a talent show. The main character of the piece Minnie Mugaloo who was recently un-frozen after 50 years or so enters the contest to reclaim her former glory. It’s a riot.
The web series was written and created by Conor Fetting-Smith and Annabel Seymour, directed by Smith and features a great cast including Barry Brewer, Christopher May, Aimee Lynn Chadwick, Justin Cone and the wonderful Lizzie Redner as Minnie. Check out all three episodes that are sponsored by Subway at MyDamnChannel now. I’m in the third episode and I have it for you below. Enjoy and seriously, you have NEVER seen me like this.

All the best,

Jason Boegh

Thoroughly Melted Minnie Episode 3

***UPDATE:  Thoroughly Melted Minnie will be playing at SXSW Festival next week!!!! Here are the deets~

Thoroughly Melted Minnie @ SXSW

Mon March 11, 6-8pm

IFC Crossroads House~ 302 E. 6th St.



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