Idol Quick Wrap 3/5/13~ The Top Ten Ladies

american-idol-candice-glover-sings-natural-woman-watch-nowLast night, the top ten ladies took the stage on American Idol season 12 as they fought for a place in the finals. Five of them are assured spots after America’s vote on Thursday. (Yay we finally have a say). Four of the singers towered over the competition and look like sure things not to mention all of them could become the winner of the whole shebang. The big question is which lady will grab that fifth spot and how many/which of them will land a wild card spot (cuz you so know there will be a couple)…. So, just who do I think is going through to the next round? Take a look at my rankings and predictions below.

American Idol Rankings 3/5/13~ The Ladies

1. Candice: singing John Legend’s “Ordinary People”, Candice soared with confidence, ease and glorious notes. She felt like a star, didn’t over do it and made the song her own. I’d buy it on iTunes even. This front-runner is extending her lead.
2. Kree: tackling the Faith Hill anthem “Stronger”, Kree almost nabbed the top spot with another effortless and gorgeous vocal. Every time she sings, it’s so authentic and emotionally connected. She has true artistry not to mention great humility. Love her!
3. Angie: last night Angie sang former Idol Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone” and dare I say improved on the original. She is so good when she is behind the piano and just lays her emotion bare with some beautiful singing. I still feel like she is the one most likely to win the whole thing, but I’m excited there are so many other worthy girls giving her a good race.
4. Amber: seriously, we had no idea who she was before she sang “My Funny Valentine” and now she literally slays it on Whitney Houston’s # 4 smash “I Believe in You and Me”. This girl is a true dark horse contender. With a little refinement and more confidence in her own ability, she could usurp the girls who have had more airtime and producer pimping. I just want her to hold out some of her notes more cuz her tone is just beautiful. She doesn’t need all the vocal runs.
5. Aubrey: I really like Aubrey. I think she has great potential and is such a nice genuine girl with a great voice. Now, we need to get her some better song choices. Yes, she did a lovely job on Fergie’s # 1 hit “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, but she really needs a song that will help her leap to the front of the pack because she really does look and sound like a big pop star.
6. Breanna: now, this girl is tricky. I think she has great potential, tons of confidence and is very current. However, I just wonder if her vocals will be forgotten in favor of the ladies with the bigger notes. Her performance of Beyonce’s “Flaws & All” was good, but not great and that was a bit of a lackluster Beyonce song. She needs to go uptempo and tackle some Mary J. Blige to really sit in the right pocket vocally.
7. Janelle: this country cutie has underwhelmed two weeks in a row. She clearly is affable and has a lovely voice. However, her performance of Elvis Presley’s “If I Cand Dream” was a little too subdued and disconnected. I do think she has a strong fan base and at least improved from last week, but she needs better song choices stat.
8. Teena: I was rather surprised that she wasn’t the worst last night since I thought she had no business making the top ten in the first place. But she did a passable if a tad forgettable version of Faith Hill’s “Lost”. I give her props for not sounding like a carbon copy of the original, but that’s about it.
9. Adriana: I was rather disappointed that this cute little thing with a great voice turned into such a pageant contestant last night on her lackluster take on Destiny’s Child’s “Stand Up for Love”. It was ok, but that ain’t gonna get you in the finals. Sorry honey.
10. Zoanette: Um, what happened to Zoanette? The show stopping theatrics were kept to a minimum on her bland and pitchy interpretation of Tina Turner’s Grammy winning # 1 comeback smash “What’s Love Got to Do With It”. Unfortunately, the “what is she gonna do next” factor was totally absent from last night’s performance and I think this intriguing lady will be on her way home.


Sailing through to the finals: Candice, Kree, Angie Amber
Barely making fifth: Janelle (I think her fan base and the country/Jesus combo will help her)
Fighting for a wildcard: Aubrey and Breanna
Going Home: Zoanette, Teena, Adriana

And there you have it…. Can seven of the girls make the finals if there are indeed a few wildcard spots? I certainly think we will have at least 6 girls in the finals and four of them look like serious winners. We will see. Check back on Thursday for results and watch American Idol tonight as the guys sing for your votes for the first time.


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