American Idol Quick Wrap 3/6/13~ The Guys Fight Back

Paul-Jolley1So, this season is all about the ladies on American Idol and um, yes, it is. However, a few guys are desperately trying to throw a wrench in the female domination. And while a few are definitely in the mix, they still pale in comparison to the fairer sex. That said, I was impressed by the improvement of a few and the confidence of the one guy we know is gonna go far, Lazaro. That adorable kid who is overcoming his stutter and confidence issues to be a real star is the only guy that I’m 100% confident is going thru to the finals next week. But, I do have my favorites and I think some of them have a shot. Just who are they? Take a look at my rankings for Guys Night below.

American Idol Rankings 3/6/13~ The Guys

1. Paul: my favorite male singer in the competition is serving up theatrical pop country and I’m loving it just as much as I love RuPaul’s Drag Race (which is a lot, lol). He has a great voice and improved greatly over last week with his cover of the Christina Aguilera/Blake Shelton duet “Just a Fool”. (Yes, I love when Paul sings the divas like Carrie and Xtina!) I really think he could go far if he just really embraces who he is. Paul also is one of only three white guys in the race and there is always at least one white guy in the finals. It’s gonna be Paul.
2. Devin: now this guy has a beautiful voice with a glorious tone and he gave arguably the best vocal tonight on Perry Como’s “Impossible”. His bilingual shtick could get old, but he’s so good at it and he totally has the Latin vote. His personality was also shining brighter tonight as he seemed genuine and humble. Well done.
3. Lazaro: well, someone is certainly coming out of his shell these days. Easily the most popular guy in the race right now, Lazaro also gave his best performance to date on “Feeling Good”. While it was miles behind the brilliant take Adam Lambert did a few years back, it was quite assured and felt natural for Lazaro. I’m glad he is continuing to grow as a singer and performer. And yes, he’s adorable like a puppy!
4. Curtis: ok, let’s be honest. I can’t stand this arrogant affected guy or his stank faces and I am not buying the Jesus juice he is selling. However, damn the guy can sing. His performance of R. Kelly’s # 1 smash “I Believe I Can Fly” started off cheesy, but then he took it to church and soared to the rafters. I think he’ll move on pretty easily. However, he needs some humility stat. Take a lesson from last season’s Joshua Ledet please Curtis!
5. Burnell: there is just something compelling about Burnell and his lovely and subtle take on “I’m Here” from The Color Purple was very good. He was out shown vocally by a few guys tonight, but he is quite likable and I’m excited to see what he’ll do next.
6. Nick: this talented guy is sorely lacking in star quality unfortunately. But he did have a strong performance with his nice reworking of the Goo Goo Doll’s massive 1998 hit “Iris”. He sits right in the cozy Hot AC wheelhouse that Idol vets (Kris Allen, David Cook, Phillip Phillips, Daughtry) do so well and that could help him. Yet, I still feel like he may suffer under the weight of bigger personalities.
7. Vincent: one of those bigger personalities, Vincent, had a great week last week. However, he squandered it all with an off pitch and plodding version of Boyz II Men’s # 1 90’s classic “End of the Road”. All the good will he won a week ago is not likely to carry him through to the finals if you ask me.
8. Cortez: well, this guy looks and acts like a star. I just wish he performed and sounded like one too. While I liked his take on Bruno Mars’ recent chart topper “Locked Out of Heaven”, it wasn’t all that memorable and even a little karaoke. Sorry Cortez.
9. Elijah: while tonight’s performance of Rihanna’s current top 5 hit “Stay” was a million times better than last week’s train wreck, Elijah still has no chance in hell of moving forward. He’s just not even on the same level as the other guys (who aren’t even on the same level as most of the girls to boot).
10. Charlie: um I don’t really want to throw salt on his wounds, but Charlie’s take on that Genesis song was horrifyingly bad. I hope his experience on the show doesn’t wound him for life, but luckily it should be over tomorrow.


Sailing Through: Lazaro
Likely Going Through: Curtis, Devin
I think they’ll make it: Paul, Burnell
Fighting for a wild card: Vincent, Nick
Buh Bye forever: Charlie, Elijah, Cortez

So, the boys did much better than I thought they would. But really, it’s not gonna be enough to stop the lady train… At least, not yet… So, who do you think was the best tonight and might be able to keep up with the girls? Sound off below and watch American Idol tomorrow night for the results and to see who is lucky enough to grab a “secret” wild card spot too.


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