My American Idol Season 12 Top 9 BUZZ Rankings

idol 9Just in time for tonight’s show, I’ve got my season 12 top 9 American Idol Buzz Rankings. As last week proved yet again, the ladies are kicking arse and the boys don’t have much of a shot. So, just who is truly in the lead and who may soar tonight as they sing songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook (and hopefully not all ballads)? Check out my totally unscientific, but totally on target, Idol buzz rankings below.

American Idol Top 9 Buzz Rankings~

1. Candice: she continues to lead the pack with another towering performance last week on “I Who Have Nothing”. She was in the official “top 3” from America’s vote as well. (How great was it to see the rankings for the first time last week? Nice twist to get Idol voters motivated too.) As long as she keeps picking great songs and putting new twists on them, she’ll remain at the top of the heap. (last week~ 1)
2. Kree: this amazing singer has been on the edge of the top of my rankings for several weeks now and I think tonight’s theme may finally push her to the top. She was also in America’s “top three” and she has a fantastic shot at going all the way to the finals. (lw~ 2)
3. Angie: while I wasn’t bowled over by her Celine Dion cover last week like most people, this girl really has some great chops. And yes, she does seem like the whole “package”. However, something is still missing for me. Let’s see if the final girl in America’s “top 3” surprises me tonight. (lw~ 3)
4. Amber: I really like Amber and she shocked me with her very strong performance of Kelly’s “A Moment Like This” last week. It was a ballsy/stupid song choice but she did it justice and she is just incredibly likable. With better song selection, she could usurp her more experienced competition. (lw~ 4)
5. Lazaro: yes, he had arguably the worst performance last week and he clearly has no clue how to choose songs or be a true “artist” as opposed to just a good singer. However, he’s cute and has that emotional backstory and the tween girls are clearly on board (Hello, he was 4th in America’s vote? What?). He’s got a few more weeks in him than I originally thought. (lw~ 9)
6. Janelle: I think America likes her more than any of us thought as well. I also liked her “Gone” performance more than the judges and many on the inter webs. She placed higher in America’s vote that I thought she would too. (lw~8)
7. Paul: my favorite male singer in the competition landed in the bottom three, but I still think he has a good shot at going farther than many think he will in the end. He just needs more confidence and to have a little fun. I also think the brush with danger last week will galvanize his fans to vote more to keep him in the game. (lw~ 6)
8. Burnell: um, Burnell needs to learn how to choose a song. He’s so inconsistent with his choices, but he is a good singer and has another good backstory. I do think he may pick up some of Curtis’s fans too. That said, his fashion is terrible and he needs to stop conducting the orchestra/drawing pictures in the air with his hands while singing… He might be a shocker boot if he doesn’t get it together. (lw~ 5)
9. Devin: oh dear Devin, please pick better songs and loosen up! This guy has a fantastic voice, cool style and an agreeable personality. But in the end, he’s not as memorable as most of his competitors and can be a little boring. So he needs to step it up, go uptempo maybe, get out of his box and wow us or he’s a goner. (lw~ 7)

So, that’s my take. The boys are at the bottom of the pack and I’d say Paul, Burnell and Devin are seriously shaking in their boots right now. So, there is a lot riding on tonight’s performances. Who will rise up? Find out tonight on American Idol on Fox.


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