First Listen~ Jessica Sanchez “Tonight”

jessicasanchez-albumcoverMy favorite contestant and easily the best singer from last season of American Idol, Jessica Sanchez is finally about to release her debut album, Me, You and the Music. The record drops on April 30th, but her first single, the dance pop anthem “Tonight” featuring Grammy winner NeYo hit the web today. I have to say I love it after just one spin. The song sounds like a smash waiting to happen and is available on iTunes tonight after she performs it live on American Idol with NeYo. It fits perfectly in with today’s music landscape and shows Sanchez’s glorious pipes match up perfectly with any genre.
It remains to be seen if she will have the same surprisingly big success of last year’s winner Phillip Phillips. His debut album, The World from the Side of the Moon has sold over 700,000 copies so far and features and two hit singles, “Home” (which has sold over 4 million copies) and “Gone Gone Gone” which is flying up the charts. And yes, I am squarely putting my foot in my mouth after being totally wrong about his prospects for radio hits… Nonetheless, with Idol finally going to get a female winner this year (the guys have no chance honestly), it’s the perfect time for Sanchez to be embraced by the public with this great new song. I have high hopes for her and the album. Take a listen to the single below, buy it on iTunes tonight and also watch for Jessica to guest star in two episodes of Glee at the end of the season. For more on our big voice young diva, head to Jessica’s website.

Jessica Sanchez ft. NeYo “Tonight”


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