It’s Time for My American Idol Season 12 Top 8 BUZZ Rankings

idol 8Last week American Idol voters kicked my favorite male contestant, the delightful big voiced yet genre confused Paul Jolley, to the curb. Unfortunately, he was the victim of sympathy votes and misguided fans who kept the woefully out of his league Lazaro in the game (and not even in the bottom three for that matter). I was sad to see Paul go, but we knew his days along with all the guys days are numbered on Idol this season. So, can any of them break thru the ladies stranglehold of the American Idol buzz? … Take a look at my all new unscientific but totally on point buzz rankings for the top 8 below and see who they fare with Motown night tomorrow on American Idol.

American Idol Season 12 Top 8 Buzz Rankings~

1. Candice: holding on top for a third week in a row, Candice continues to deliver killer vocals and fantastic performances. Her “Come Together” was glorious and funky last week and she should remain at the front of the heap this week as Motown plays right into her R&B wheelhouse… Could she really become the first R&B diva winner since Fantasia in season 3… Yes, she could! (last week~ 1)
2. Kree: also staying put in the runner-up position is Kree and I highly doubt Kree or Candice will ever fall out of my top three (and hopefully they will be the final two when all is said and done). She was fantastic again last week and looks poised to do something interesting with her song this week as she veers out of the country lane. Can she finally overtake Candice and outside of her signature genre? (lw~ 2)
3. Angie: holding steady as well is Angie who had another good, but not great week. I find some of her performances, especially last week, inauthentic and calculated. That said, she has a great voice and can deliver some nice artistry. Now, she just has to stop trying so hard. This week could actually cause her to falter a little though. We’ll see. (lw~ 3)
4. Burnell: uh oh, a boy has cracked my top four and obviously it’s Burnell. He is the only guy with any hope of making the top five and he will if he keeps turning in winning performances week to week. And Motown could even push him to the top for the week… ok well maybe the top three. (lw~8)
5. Janelle: she turned in a surprisingly restrained yet memorable take on a little known Beatles tune and it totally worked in her favor. She rose in the viewer rankings and continues to display her funny and charming personality. This week may cause her some trouble but for now she’s on the rebound. (lw~ 6)
6. Amber: oh America, what is wrong with you? How on Earth could you put this amazing singer in the bottom three last week? That was a tragedy. I hope it was just the odd song choice. This week she should turn it around as Motown will totally play to her strengths. I sure hope so cuz this girl is fantastic!
7. Lazaro: argh I totally wanted to put him last, but since he escaped the bottom three despite a dreadful performance last week, he just misses last place. I have to say I rooted for Lazaro for many weeks and was proud of him for his Idol journey, but let’s be honest, he should’ve gone home before the top ten. He clearly can’t handle the pressure and is now becoming annoying. He’s constantly playing the victim and placing the blame elsewhere for his poor performance which is also pulling down his likablity. He better get it together or he’s a goner and sorry I am no longer a fan. (lw~ 5)
8. Devin: it’s too bad this kid is constantly in the bottom 3. He has an amazing voice and great potential. However, he’s also rather forgettable. He needs a wow moment ASAP if he doesn’t want to fly home on Thursday night. (lw~ 9)

And there you have it. Candice and Kree remain on top while Lazaro and Devin are deep in the danger zone. I know who I’d like to see go home on that “Midnight Train to Georgia” Thursday night. Do you? Sound off below and watch American Idol on Fox tomorrow night.


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