My American Idol Quick Wrap~ 3/27/13~ Detroit City Rocks?

Amber-Holcomb-Lately-American-Idol-12-150x100Tonight American Idol brought back the incredibly overdone theme of the music of Motown. However, they gave it a tiny twist saying it was music of Motown and any artist from the Motor City (i.e.: Detroit). That’s how we got a Madonna duet to go along with a ton of Stevie Wonder. I have to say the show was pretty good for the most part and I enjoyed Smokey Robinson as a mentor…. However, it became even more painfully clear that one contestant must go home while another rose to the occasion and could land a place in the top three. So just who did what and where do they land on my rankings? Check out my quick wrap rankings for all the performances and my predictions below.

American Idol Rankings 3/27/13~

1. Amber: with a glorious vocal on Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”, Amber took no prisoners and LET ME HAVE IT! She better be winning some new fans after that one. Simply brilliant.
2. Janelle: with a wonderful re-working of the Supremes’ classic “You Keep Me Hanging On”, Janelle arguably had the “moment” of the night. What on Earth Nicki was complaining about afterwards was beyond me. (Um, seriously Nicki is just annoying now, but that’s a side note.) Janelle’s angst-filled countrified version of the song was great and I may even have to get it on iTunes.
3. Candice: with another great performance, Candice just makes it look too easy. Her take on “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” had a nice contemporary feel and was lush and sexy. Well done!
4. Kree: taking on an Aretha Franklin song I’m only slightly familiar with (“Don’t Play that Song”), Kree did her usual exemplary job. She’s a consummate professional and I think the one who has the best chance to win it all. Another solid performance.
5. Devin: giving the usual best male vocal of the night, Devin did a lovely job on “The Tracks of My Tears”. He even loosened up a little and has some great style. Now if he can just connect emotionally a bit more, he might have a fighting chance in this race.
6. Burnell: um, Burnell’s take on “My Cherie Amour” was way better than I thought it was gonna be, but that’s not saying too much. He does have a great tone, but the whole thing was pretty boring.
7. Angie: I have no idea what the hell that stink bomb Angie just laid on stage was but it was pretty awful. I appreciate that she tried to rock out to “Shop Around” but it did not work at all. It felt forced, was off pitch, a bit desperate and just wrong. However, her hair looked fabulous!
8. Lazaro: um, this take on “For Once in My Life” was easily his best performance since the first week in the top 40. That said, it was still blah and pretty bad. Enough already.

1. Amber/Angie/Candice “I’m Going to Make You Love Me”: um, that was pretty darn flawless~ especially for Candice and Amber.
2. Janelle/Kree “Like A Prayer”: this was just aight for me. Kree did outsing Janelle by a mile, but it was decent overall for both ladies.
3. Burnell/Devin/Lazaro “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”: for once I agree with crazy Nicki. That was absolutely horrifyingly bad. And look at the boys throwing each other under the bus. Um, sorry it was all Lazaro’s fault and Burnell did no favors to the song either. At least Devin tried to save it and remembered his words, but damn that was terrible.

Overall Rankings~
1. Amber
2. Candice
3. Kree
4. Janelle2janelle--2254955599043086973
5. Devin
6. Burnell
7. Angie
8. Lazaro


Bottom 3: Angie, Devin, Lazaro (yes, I’m throwing Angie in there… that may be crazy, but hey will it really be all three guys?)
Bottom 2: Devin, Lazaro
Going Home: Devin (unfortunately, the pity party-excuse making-annoying contestant and resident Senjaya of the season, Lazaro, will probably make it one more week~ blargh!)

So, did Detroit City rock for you? Or did it just make you roll… your eyes? … All I know is that Amber should finally be safe and Janelle is upping her game. But is it lights out for Devin or will people finally come to their senses and send the unprofessional whiner who can’t find a pitch if you paid him, Lazaro, home instead? Sound off below and tune into the American Idol results show tomorrow night on Fox.


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