American Idol Quick Wrap 4/3/13~ They Wanna Rock?

idol7Well, I do have to applaud the producers of American Idol for picking a theme that wasn’t ballad heavy with tonight’s “Rock” genre. However, the producers obviously need some fresher themes because it was clear that some of these contestants did not want to rock… nor could they if they tried. And while there were some very nice performances, one judge continued to be the most annoying egomaniacal personality on television trying to steal the spotlight constantly. Yes, I’m talking of Ms. Minaj who brings the show down to a whole new terrible level. Sure, she’s honest, but she’s crass, rude and clueless much of the time. And um, the show is about the contestant, not you Nicki!… Seriously, I could rant about her for days, but instead, how about I talk about what we really care about~ my rankings and predictions for this week.

American Idol Rankings for “Rock” Night~ 4/3/13
~ solos
1. Amber “What About Love”: with another astounding vocal on this Heart smash, Amber narrowly beats Candice for my top spot. Her voice is just insanely good. I love this girl!
2. Candice “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”: throwing some hot stank and some amazing vocals on the classic Rolling Stones hit, Candice was flawless as usual.
3. Kree “Piece of My Heart”: sitting right in her bluesy wheelhouse, Kree took on Janis Joplin’s iconic song and did another exemplary job. She’s always great and tonight was no exception. I’m just waiting for her to really let loose.
4. Angie “Bring Me to Life”: with her best performance in weeks, Angie almost made my top three. Her take on the Evanescence top ten hit was quite good and her voice fit perfectly in the song. I also appreciated and actually believed the rock edge she displayed tonight which surprised me a bit.
5. Janelle “You May Be Right”: while I applaud Janelle for trying new things and putting a country spin on this Billy Joel hit, the performance fell short of last week’s brilliance. It was a decent job and she’s incredibly likable, but it paled a little compared to the other ladies this week.
6. Burnell “You Give Love a Bad Name”: um, this was Burnell’s worst by a mile. He was stiff, uncomfortable, off the beat and the whole thing was just odd. At least he was on pitch most of the time though.
7. Lazaro “We Are the Champions”: well, sassy Lazaro (i.e.: Sazaro) did a much better job on this song than I thought he would. That said, it was still so forced and inauthentic. His vocals were better than usual, but his attitude and lack of musicality and showmanship really did him no favors with this number.

~ Groups
1. Candice/Burnell “The Letter”: this one lands on top squarely because of Candice. She’s just ridiculously good and while Burnell did a fine job, Candice really took this one home…. However, the duet didn’t come close to the best version of this song in Idol history which belongs to season 7’s Michael Johns and the amazing Carly Smithson. Check it out here.
2. Amber/Janelle/Kree “It’s Still Rock n Roll to Me”: they all sounded good, especially Amber, but it was a bit cruise shippy…
3. Angie/Lazaro “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”: poor Angie had to carry this one as Sazaro tanked again forgetting his lyrics and looking like a dear in headlights. It was just bad.

Bottom 3: Burnell, Janelle, Lazaro
Bottom 2: Burnell, Lazaro
Going Home: Lazaro (yes, I think it may finally happen! A boy can dream right?)

And there you have it~ a quick wrap for a not so rocking night on American Idol. Is Amber on the rise? Is Janelle in danger? Will Burnell fall victim to the Lazaro sympathy votes? Find out tomorrow night on the American Idol results show and let me know your favorites from tonight below.


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