Go See “The Sapphires” Now!

The_Sapphires_posterWe’re almost at the summer movie season and 2013 hasn’t yielded many great films until now with The Sapphires. This Australian dramedy follows a group of young Aboriginal sisters and their cousin who form a singing group in 1968 and try to achieve fame in a racially divided country (much like the U.S. at the time). Unfortunately, their best hope for success is a chance to entertain American troops in Vietnam spearheaded by their lush of a manager Dave Lovelace played by BridesmaidsChris O’Dowd. While it may sound like an Australian/Aboriginal take on Dreamgirls, the film is so much more. Along with great performances of wonderful soul tunes of the era, the girls face sexism, prejudice and the true threat of life or death in a polarizing war. The Sapphires treads the line between the comedy and the horrors of war beautifully under the magical direction of Wayne Blair. And the performances from the lead actors are uniformly fantastic with Deborah Mailman making the strongest impression as the oldest sister and O’Dowd in his finest, most human performance to date. It’s no wonder this film swept the Australian Oscars and was a sensation at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. I truly can’t recommend the film any more. I fully expect it to be a big player at next year’s Golden Globes as well. Go see it now. You will laugh, cry and have a fantastic time with The Sapphires. Grade: A

The Sapphires trailer:


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One Response to “Go See “The Sapphires” Now!”

  1. arena23 Says:

    Great review, I like your style!

    Check out mine! http://moviereviewsdirect.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/the-sapphires-soulful-inspirations/

    Cheers 🙂

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