My American Idol Top 6 BUZZ Rankings for Season 12

idol top 6I have to apologize for not posting my American Idol buzz rankings for last week. I got caught up working on several projects and the blogging suffered as a result. However, I’m back and here’s how I would’ve ranked them BEFORE last week’s performance show: 1. Candice 2. Kree 3. Janelle 4. Amber 5. Angie 6. Burnell 7. Lazaro…
Now, we all know how last week turned out with Sasaro (“Sassy Lazaro” for the uninitiated) shockingly ending up in the top 3 and poor Burnell getting the boot…. Now, the question is will it actually be an all female top five or will Sasaro become the Nikki McKibbin of Season 12 (i.e.: that ridiculous contestant who stayed well past his/her welcome). We will see… In the meantime as we get ready for tomorrow’s show, take a look at my all new totally unscientific buzz rankings below.

American Idol BUZZ Rankings for the Top 6 of Season 12:

1. Kree: finally ascends to the top of my list with a couple more solid performances. Her voice is great. Her song choices are on point and she’s a consummate professional (hello, she sang with a pinched nerve in her neck last week people!) She really needs a “wow” moment but for now, I see her having the best shot at winning this season. (last week~ 2)
2. Angie: she turned in her best performance in weeks on her Evanescence cover and she was among the top vote getters even with that atrocious duet with Sasaro. I think i may have been underestimating her popularity. She does look and feel like a star, even if she is super dramatical and stuff…. Let’s just hope she keeps choosing the right songs and she could return to her former front-runner glory. (lw~ 5)
3. Candice: while it was a bit of a shock that she was not among the top three vote getters, I still think she’s pretty darn flawless. While this week wasn’t her best, she was still incredible. I just wonder if she has mass appeal. It’s probably good for her to lose a little steam right now, so she can charge back to the front again. (lw~ 1)
4. Amber: my favorite little dark horse contender turned in another strong week with great vocals, but still couldn’t crack the top three. I suppose her lack of experience and music knowledge may be keeping her from picking that perfect song and delivering that “magic moment”, but she has it in her. (lw~ 4)
5. Lazaro: oh dear, I don’t have him in last place despite his bad attitude, complete lack of professionalism, constant complaining and making up excuses, and several wonky performances. The reason he lands in fifth is because he clearly still has that sympathy vote, was in the top three last week, and he’s the only guy left which certainly can work in his favor. I just hope his luck runs out sooner as opposed to later. (lw~ 7)
6. Janelle: after a nice surge last week, Janelle falls to the bottom of the pack as she unfortunately landed in the bottom two with Burnell. I’m thrilled she survived, but she needs to deliver another revelatory performance like “You Keep Me Hangin On'” if she doesn’t want to be the first girl going home. And a quick side note~ she also has to fight Kree for the country vote, so girl has some work to do! (lw~ 3)

So, that’s how I see the buzz for the remaining six singers of this season’s American Idol… Tomorrow night they tackle two themes with two shots for glory. Will the ladies truly make it a ladies night or will Sasaro sass them into the background? Find out tomorrow on American Idol on Fox.


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  1. 6buzz Says:

    Im french and i like american idol 😀

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