American Idol Quick Wrap 4/10/13~ Candice is the Queen

Candice-Glover-Love-Song-American-Idol-12-Top-6-622x349All Hail Candice Glover…. If there were any justice, American Idol would just hand Candice the season 12 crown and be done with it after tonight’s double dose of amazing performances. Not only was she flawless on both songs, her cover of “Love Song” was easily the best performance of season 12 hands down. I’d argue it’s in the top ten and possibly top 5 best Idol performances EVER! So, on a night when one woman threw down the gauntlet so hard, how is it that another singer gave arguably the worst Idol top ten performances in the history of the series? Yes, I’m takin’ bout Sassaro people. It was that bad… But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start by ranking all of tonight’s performances and looking at my predictions for who will get the boot home as the top six sang “Songs from the Burt Bacharach/Hal David Songbook” (i.e.: pretty but really old adult contemporary songs) and “Songs They Wish They Had Written” (i.e.: songs they know really well that require less memorization).

American Idol Performance Rankings~ 4/10/13
~ the Amazing
1. Candice- “Love Song“: giving an astounding performance on this Cure classic in the vein of Adele’s recent cover, Candice was perfection. As I said before, this was the “moment” of the season and will go down in Idol history as one of the best performances ever. It was insanely good. Tears! Standing “O”! Just Beyond!
2. Candice- “Don’t Make Me Over”: Nicki (who shockingly didn’t bother me at all tonight) said it well tonight that Candice’s performance of this song was so hot and current that you wouldn’t know it was written more than four decades ago. It was pretty damn flawless as well. Her vocals and inflection are just delicious!
~ the Great
3. Kree- “Help Me Make it Through The Night”: the girl I still think has the best shot to actually win the competition was in fine form again tonight and this performance of the Kris Kristofferson classic was just gorgeous. The emotion that you can hear in her voice is achingly good and she it was such a wonderful effortless performance. It could be a country hit today too.
~ the Good
4. Kree- “What the World Needs Now”: Kree’s take on this Bacharach/David tune was simple yet sublime. It hit all the sweet spots in her voice and she executed it with fabulous precision and heart.
5. Angie- “Love Came Down”: returning to her piano playing glory, Angie was also in her comfort zone on this faith-based ballad. It was a very pretty performance and really spoke to Angie’s true emotions marking her most resonant vocal in weeks. If she goes down the Contemporary Christian route after Idol, she will have a great future with songs like this.
6. Amber- “I Say a Little Prayer”: with the first of two uptempo songs from my favorite little dark horse, Amber delivered another solid vocal on this classic. It was fun and at times fierce.
7. Amber- “Love on Top”: speaking of fierce, Amber took on Beyonce and did a pretty darn good job on this incredibly difficult-to-sing song. It’s a great example of the kind of contemporary music our little Whitney-in-training could make. Another strong performance.
~ the Ok
8. Janelle- “The Dance”: with a lovely subdued take on the Garth Brooks’ 90’s smash, Janelle did a fine job, especially on the first half of one of my favorite karaoke songs. However, she tried to make the song bigger than it is in the second half losing a little bit of the true meaning of the song.
9. Angie- “Anyone Who Had a Heart”: singing the Dionne Warwick hit, Angie showcased her great pipes with a very strong vocal. However, she did it with zero emotional connection and in an overly-dramatic and inauthentic style.
10. Janelle- “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”: it was a nice vocal, but overall a little bit of a snoozefest and while I admired her for trying to “country-fy” the song, it didn’t really work.
~ the Bad
11. Lazaro- “Angels”: well, let’s see… he didn’t ruin Robbie Williams biggest hit and he didn’t sweat as much as usual… But honestly, that was pitchy and boring. And his outfit was a bloody mess~ seriously.
~ the Horrendous
12. Lazaro- “Close to You”: ok, I’m sorry but Sassaro’s performance of “Close to You” was an incomparable train wreck. It was horrifyingly bad in every way. He was off the beat, pitchy, mumble-mouthed and disconnected. He was just lost and it was a unequivocated disaster~ easily the worst top ten performance by any finalist in the history of American Idol (and that includes Sanjaya!). Sorry Sassy, but you gotta go!

Bottom 3: Amber, Janelle, Lazaro
Bottom 2: Janelle, Lazaro
Going Home: Janelle… but not really. I think the judges will use the “Save” for her (or Amber if it comes to that) because this week is their final week to use it…. That said, if America does the right thing and boots Lazaro, the “Save” will not be used.

And there you have it. It was a night were Candice was crowned the Queen and Sassaro should’ve been sent to the gallows. It’s kind of shocking how enormous the disparity between those two singers is, but this is American Idol. So, America, please get it right and make the first all female top five tomorrow night and send our tight pants wearing Ricky Ricardo on his way.

And just because you know we all need to see it again, take another look at Candice’s transcendent performance of “Love Song” below.


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