Jason Collins is a Trailblazer in Professional Sports

NBA center Jason Collins made history today as he officially came out in Sports Illustrated magazine becoming the first OUT professional basketball player in history. In fact, he’s the first out sports star who is currently playing in any of the “big” sports in our country (i.e.: football, baseball, basketball). The article in Sports Illustrated details his personal struggles alongside his professional accomplishments. It’s a fantastic read and he is sure to be an inspiration to many young gay people across the country. Congratulations and kudos to Collins who has played on 12 different NBA teams and is a graduate of Stanford. Head here for the full article on Jason… and yes, on a side note, this just might be my first ever post about sports on my blog. But Collins’ story is just too brave and important not to share. He is a trailblazer and has to be commended. And as he would say, now it’s time to get back to the game.



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