American Idol Season 12 Finale Quick Wrap 5/15/12~ Help Me Now I’m Torn!

idol top two“Help Me Now I’m Torn”! Those are the incredibly catchy lyrics from Natalie Imbruglia’s 90’s smash, but they also define my feelings after watching tonight’s American Idol season 12 finale. In a nail biter of an episode, both of our incredibly talented ladies, Kree and Candice, delivered fantastic performances one after the other. Both sounded amazing, looked great, were humble and at the top of their game as they took on 3 songs: Simon Fuller’s Choice, their Single, and a “Favorite Encore” from the season. It was neck and neck up until the last song when one lady sang what I will say was the deciding vocal. However, in a year when supposed front-runner Angie got the surprise boot last week and left us with the two actual best singers in the finals, who knows who will actually win. Both women have a really good shot… But, let’s take a look at my rankings and final predictions for season 12 below and declare a winner.

American Idol Finale Performance Rankings~ 5/15/13

~ the astounding:
1. Candice- “I Who Have Nothing”: from the opening a capella verse to the insane final notes, Candice’s reprise song was a capper to an incredible season for the singer who had more “moments” than anyone else all year. And this was arguably her best. It was simply brilliant beautiful and bold. Simply amazing. And further props for changing up the arrangement yet again Candy Girl!
~ the fantastic
2. Kree- “Up to the Mountain”: with her best vocal of the night and arguably, the whole season, Kreedom rose into the heavens on this one. It was glorious and ethereal and surpassed her previous version by leaps and bounds. As Keith says, “just beautiful”.
~ the great
3. Kree- “All Cried Out”; forgive me but I was a bit cried out at the end of this lovely new single. The sentiment and Kree’s aching vocals really got to me. This could totally be her “Jesus Take the Wheel” and fly up the country charts. This kind of song and performance is just what got me so torn. In fact, Kree really made me emotional in all of her performances tonight and that could totally push her over the top. This single is also a much more marketable one than Candice’s.
4. Candice- “I Am Beautiful”: yes, you are beautiful Candice and so are your amazing pipes. While this song was a little more pop than the R&B sweet spot I like Candice in, it still was a good choice for her and a great vocal. I wonder how this one will do as an actual “single” but It certainly has potential.
~ the good:
5. Candice- “Chasing Pavements”: taking on Adele’s first hit, Candice delivered another winner. She changed up the phrasing and arrangement enough to make it feel like her own song and she sang it beautifully. It was just a little sleepy compared to her other two numbers.
6. Kree- “Angel”: with an angelic (yes I said it) vocal on Sarah McLachlan’s weeper, Kree totally wrecked me. While the song was a little sleepy as well, her emotion was so on point and her voice so perfect, it really left me a little weepy.

Wow~ 6 Incredibly performances. How can I choose a winner? Ok, I’m just gonna call it….

Winner: Candice Glover
(She had the stronger night by a small margin, but her final song really pushed her over the edge for the win. She was also the strongest and most consistent competitor all season.)

And there you have it. I’m ready to crown Candice Glover the season 12 American Idol. Are you? Will America pick the actual best singer this time? (I’d say only Kelly and Carrie were the actual best singers of their entire seasons, so Candice would be in great company.) Will Kree pull an upset and land us another Texas winner? Will Candice become the first returnee contestant to win? … Who knows? It’s gonna be really close and I could see either lady win. In fact, I’m predicting it will be the closest finale since Ruben/Clay in season 2. I also think both women have very good careers ahead of them. I can’t wait to see who what they do and, of course, who wins. Find out tomorrow on American Idol.


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