I’m Back with a Halloween Treat!

true horrorHey readers,
I’m back after quite a while and I have a Halloween treat for you. Again sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been quite fortunate to be doing a lot of acting/producing work. Along with that comes a lot of auditions. However, I also have some new projects coming up to share with you including my latest short film JACK, our hit film Dirty Talk that has now played 38 festivals across the globe and the hilarious little video below.

I recently shot a hysterical FunnyOrDie video called True Horror written and directed by my friend the uber-talented Shawn Ryan. (You must check out his cabaret shows too~ He’ll be at Feinstein’s in San Francisco on Nov. 7th.) It stars the wonderful John Ainsworth whom I appeared with in Hot Guys with Guns earlier this year, and yes, Shawn Ryan was in that too… Anywho, Ainsworth plays a dad taking his daughter out trick or treating and her costume causes some seriously crazy reactions. That’s where I come in. I play half of a conservative couple alongside the delightful Betsy Reisz who have quite a visceral reaction to the young girl’s costume. It was also great fun to reconnect and perform again with Betsy who I co-starred in the wacky web-series Raccoon Stories. Check out the comedy below and vote “Funny” too!


True Horror – watch more funny videos

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll be trying to post more frequently for ya’ll soon too. Thanks everyone and Happy Halloween!!

Jason Boegh


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