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This is Why I Still Love “Glee”

May 13, 2013

Last Thursday’s season finale of Glee was a busy one. We saw the Glee Club win Sectionals, Brittany (Heather Morris), leave town for M.I.T., Will (Emmy nominee Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) finally tie the not, and the identity of “Catfish” was revealed. (Hello I soooo knew it was Unique played by fantastic Glee Project finalist Alex Newell). What we didn’t see was whether or not Rachel (Emmy nominee Lea Michelle) got her part on Broadway in Funny Girl. We did at least get to witness her amazing performance of the Celine Dion hit “To Love You More” at her callback, and that performance is precisely why people should still be watching Glee. Michelle was amazing and the number was just stunning. I have it for you below… But you will have to wait til September for season 5 of Glee and the reveal of Rachel’s fate.

Glee~ “To Love You More” by Rachel (Lea Michelle)


My American Idol Quick Wrap 4/24/13~ Love these Ladies!

April 25, 2013

idol 4Tonight, I had the honor of going to the live taping of American Idol and seeing the show’s most talented top four in franchise history strut their stuff, and I was not disappointed. All four ladies are simply fantastic singers and have bright futures ahead of them. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was how much my least favorite girl going into tonight would rise up to the challenge and fight my favorite girl for the top performer of the night. Yes, I’m talking about Angie almost taking out Amber on a night when both women hit it out of the park time and again. So, what did that mean for our two presumed front-runners Candice and Kree? Well, it meant that they struggled a bit (which is still good comparatively speaking). And, where exactly did all the performances land tonight? Check out my rankings and predictions for tonight’s episode where they took on a duet, a song of their own choosing and a one hit wonder. Oh and on a side note, that last theme was a bust as no one performed Kajagoogoo‘s “Too Shy”, Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” or Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Come on Eileen”…. Alas, I knew that was a crazy dream that wasn’t going to come true…

American Idol Performance Rankings 4/24/13~

~ the great
1. Amber- “The Power of Love”: from the initial a capella beginning to her glory note ending, Amber’s vocal on this song was far and away the best of the night. Simply brilliant. And she did it with panache, confidence and looking stunning. It is time for a new Whitney/Celine and I’m crowning Amber Holcomb today!
2. Angie/Candice- “Stay”: now that was one hell of a duet of the current Rihanna/Mikky Ekko smash. Angie almost even beat Candice on it which was shocking. They made the song their own and it was a fantastic battle of belters. So good!
3. Angie- “Who You Are?”: for the first time this season, upon hearing an Angie tune, I immediately thought I should download it. This was just incredible, authentic, and beautiful with a nice rock edge. I think Angie is the new front-runner to win the whole thing ya’ll… especially considering the crazy shrieks from the live studio audience.
4. Amber- “MacArthur Park”: on this Donna Summer classic, ahem Richard Harris one-hit wonder, Amber delivered another whallop with incredible vocals. Her final high notes were insane and she nailed every bit of the song. Discolicious!
~ the good
5. Angie- “Cry Me A River”: giving Amber a run in the Standards genre on this one, Angie was flawless. Maybe she was a little too flawless though as it was reallllly dramatic, but still, I reallllly dug it. I can’t believe how much I loved her tonight.
6. Kree- “A Whiter Shade of Pale”: I rather enjoyed this performance by Kree. She was in her wheelhouse and loosening up a bit. I’m still waiting for her to truly let go, but she almost got there on this one and her voice sounded great.
7. Amber/Kree- “Rumor Has It”: I don’t know why the judges were dissing it, because in the live audience tonight, this number rocked. Amber out sang Kree but it was close.
8. Candice- “Emotions”: Candice’s vocals were stellar as usual tonight despite her cold. However, I did notice that her energy was down and I think the illness affected her solos the most. This was good though, but she needs to return to more dynamic song choices.
~ the decent:
9. Kree- “Hurt So Bad”: Kree did herself no favors with this little known song by Susan Tedeschi (who? She’s a former Grammy winner for Best New Artist, but yea, who?)… It was a cool bluesy song but it never really went anywhere and Kree felt like she was sorta going thru the motions. That said, I still liked it and it was better live than when I re-watched it back on the telecast.
10. Candice- “Find Your Love“: while Candice’s vocals were good yet again, the arrangement of this Drake tune was unfortunately a little boring. It was a nice Urban AC jam, but forgettable in the long run.

Overall Performance~
1. Amber
2. Angie (but it was really close for the top)
3. Candice
4. Kree

Bottom 2: Kree, Amber (only because Candice has such a big fan base)
Going Home: No One (I think it will be a non-elimination week)

So, the final four are fantastic. But which ladies will make it to the top three? I say they will all get an extra reprieve week and then the Idol powers that be will combine the two weeks of votes. Regardless all four ladies could be big stars in several genres~ Kree (Country, AAA), Amber (Pop, Adult Top 40, Dance, AC, R&B), Angie (Pop, Adult Top 40, AC, Contemporary Christian) and Candice (R&B, Adult R&B, some Pop crossover). We will find out if any of them actually goes home and what the big “twist” is tomorrow night on American Idol.

And check out a picture of me, my friend and co-star of my latest short film Dirty Talk, Claude Knowlton, and American Idol musical director Michael Orland on the Idol blue carpet. I’m sure you recognize Michael from Hollywood week and many of his appearances on the show helping out the contestants. He’s such a great and talented guy!

idol michael me claude

And please enjoy Amber’s insanely good vocals on “The Power of Love” from tonight’s show.

“American Idol” Quick Wrap 4/17/13~ It’s a Diva Smackdown

April 18, 2013

idol 5American Idol is now down to five ladies and I will argue that it is the best top five in the history of the program and definitely vocally the most talented in Idol’s 12 seasons. Tonight the ladies put it all out on the stage in a divalicious smack down as they covered the great divas including Whitney, Celine, Barbra, Beyonce and of course Mariah which led to a fantastic second half of the show. Now, the first half wasn’t too bad either as the women sang “Songs From the Year they Were Born”, but it paled in comparison to the “Diva” round… So, just which performances overall were the best and which lady is in danger of going home? That is, if any of them actually go home~ hello the “Save” is still supposedly in play…. Take a look at my rankings and predictions below.

American Idol Rankings 4/17/13
~ the great
1. Angie- “Halo”: I really had trouble trying to decide what was the best performance of the night, but to my shock I’m giving it to Angie’s fantastic interpretation of this Beyonce smash. It wa a daunting task that she handled tremendously and it was easily the best, and my favorite, Angie joint since her original song in Hollywood week.
TIE 2. Amber- “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”: Amber gave an insanely perfect vocal on this Barbra Streisand song I’ve never heard of  tonight. It was gorgeous and glorious, much like Amber herself. She is so perfect with these jazzy standards that I think perhaps she could do a Norah Jones type record in the future and have a great deal of success.
TIE 2. Candice- “When You Believe”: this song had the perfect arc, perfect emotion and the perfect vocal. Candice had me in tears by the end and truly did Whitney and Mariah proud.
4. Candice- “Straight Up”: With fantastic reworking of the # 1 smash from 1989 by original Idol judge Paula Abdul, Candice proved her versatility and song choice savvy. This was another wonderful performance in a season where Candice can simply do no wrong.
~ the good:
5. Amber- “Without You”: I really liked this performance and Amber’s vocals were naturally great. I also enjoyed her vocal choices to differentiate it from Mariah’s version. Really good job.
~ the pretty good
6. Kree- “Have You Ever Been in Love?”: Kree’s take on this Celine Dion hit was quite nice and effortless. I really felt her emotion and longing. However, she hit some off notes for once, but still a solid showing.
7. Kree- “She Talks to Angels”: I really loved the acoustic opening to this Black Crowes cover. However, the rest of the song felt a little route and forced. That said, Kree’s voice was beautiful on it. Maybe I just expected more from it?
~ the decent
8. Angie Miller- “I’ll Stand by You”: while I appreciated the sentiment of the song and her dedication to Boston, Angie really over-performed the song and lost a lot of the meaning for me. She also hit some rather wonky notes along the way.
9. Janelle- “When I Call Your Name”: Janelle’s vocals were really beautiful and lovely on this Vince Gill track. I just wish it wasn’t so boring and surprisingly emotionally disconnected.
10. Janelle- “Dumb Blonde”: while I though it was a fun performance and I love Janelle’s personality, this Dolly Parton cover fell flat. She didn’t have the vocal prowess to make it unique and it felt a little too literal of an interpretation of the song.

Bottom two: Janelle and Amber (only because they seem to be the ones with the smallest fan bases)
Going home: Janelle
* BUT ACTUALLY I THINK NO ONE WILL GO HOME~ I think they’ll either activate the “Save” (especially if Amber is the lowest vote getter) or the Producers will just declare it a “No Elimination” week. That happened once before with the Idol Gives Back show in season 6 I believe, so it’s not unprecedented.

So, that’s my take on the Idol women and their Diva ways. I was shocked Angie had my favorite song of the night and a little underwhelmed that the girl I’m still betting will win it all, Kree, had a slightly off night. I was also on the Amber/Candice love train again and I just hope these two divas can go to the top three together. We will see…. And we’ll see who, or if anyone at all, gets sent home tomorrow night on American Idol… featuring a guest appearance by one of their own Idol divas, Clay Aiken!!! hehe,

First Listen~ New Whitney Houston Music “Never Give Up”

November 7, 2012

We lost a legend earlier this year with the passing of my favorite vocalist of all time, the most-Awarded female singer of all time, Whitney Houston. While “the voice” has officially been silenced, her legacy lives on with her new Hits collection, I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston out November 13th. Lucky for us, we will get some new music on this collection that will include her 11 # 1 Hits and more. Earlier this fall, I shared the new duet version of her single “I Look to You” with R. Kelly and now we get another new track “Never Give Up”. The inspirational mid-tempo R&B track sounds like it would’ve gone perfectly with the music of her last album, 2009’s I Look to You. The song, written by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael-Cox, will be available for purchase next week at all digital retailers, but you can listen to it below. Enjoy…. And watch for the CBS Whitney special We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Tribute to Whitney Houston featuring performances from Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Celine Dion along with classic Houston clips to air Nov. 16th. For more on all things Whitney, head here and check out “Never Give Up” below.

Whitney Houston “Never Give Up”

A Fond Farewell to Etta James

January 20, 2012

The iconic and influential soul/r&b/blues singer Etta James lost her battle with leukemia this morning at the age of 73. This amazing singer left a mark on the music business that will always be treasured. Her most famous recording “At Last” has been covered by every artist in the book from Beyonce to Celine Dion and she will be missed tremendously. So, please enjoy one more song from Etta James as she performed “At Last” in 1993 when she was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. RIP Etta.

Etta James “At Last” (live at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony)

Katy Perry Breaks Records while Jay Z & Kanye bow Big on the Charts

August 17, 2011

Katy Perry has finally out done Madonna, Whitney, Celine and Janet in the record books. She just landed her fifth # 1 single from her Teenage Dream album with “Last Friday Night”. Bolstered by a ridiculously huge amount of airplay and added sales from a remix by Missy Elliott, the song makes it five in a row for Perry as she becomes the first female artist and second singer in history to land five # 1’s on the Hot 100 from a single album. She follows Michael Jackson who did it with his Bad album and the chart toppers “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Dirty Diana” Man in the Mirror” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” with Siedah Garrett. Katy’s chart leaders were “California Gurls” with Snoop Dogg, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.” with Kanye West and now “Last Friday Night”. Congrats Katy! … In case you’re wondering the artists with four # 1’s from one album are Whitney Houston (Whtiney), George Michael (Faith), Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation 1814), Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) and Paula Abdul (Forever Your Girl)… Madonna has had three chart toppers from an album, True Blue, while Celine has actually never had more than one # 1 single per album strangely enough. For more on the singles and Katy’s record head to Billboard here. And check out the new top ten below.

Billboard Hot 100 Top Ten Singles:
1. “Last Friday Night”- Katy Perry (last week~ 2)
2. “Party Rock Anthem”- LMFAO (lw~ 1)
3. “Moves Like Jagger”- Maroon 5 w/Christina Aguilera (lw~8)
4. “Super Bass”- Nicki Minaj (lw~ 5)
5. “Lighters”- Bad Meets Evil w/Bruno Mars (lw~ 5)
6. “How to Love”- Lil Wayne (lw~ 6)
7. “Give Me Everything Tonight”- Pitbull w/NeYo, Nayer & Afrojack (lw~ 4)
8. “Pumped Up Kicks”- Foster the People (lw~ 13)
9. “I Wanna Go”- Britney Spears (lw~ 7)
10. “Good Life”- OneRepublic (lw~ 11)

Over on the Album chats, Jay Z & Kanye West make a huge debut on top with their collaboration album, Watch the Throne. It sold 436,000 copies for the second biggest bow of 2011 after Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. The rappers lead three other debuts in the top ten including country singer Luke Bryan who gets his biggest sales week ever with his latest, Tailgates & Tanlines, which also tops the Country charts. Check out the new top ten albums below.

Billboard 200 Top 10 Albums:
1. Watch the Throne- Jay Z & Kanye West (debut)
2. Tailgates & Tanlines- Luke Bryan (debut)
3. Now 39 Compilation- Various Artists (debut)
4. 21- Adele (last week~ 1)
5. Chief- Eric Church (lw~ 2)
6. My Kinda Party- Jason Aldean (lw~ 6)
7. 4- Beyonce (lw~8)
8. Dream with Me- Jackie Evancho (lw~ 22)
9. Blood Sweat + Tears- Ace Hood (debut)
10. Kidz Bop 10- Various Artists (lw~ 7)

And here’s Katy Perry’s brand new # 1 single “Last Friday Night”. (Please enjoy the cameos by Debbie Gibson, Rebecca Black, Corey Feldman, Kevin McHale, Kenny G and more as well. High-larious)

SYTYCD Quick Wrap 7/7/11~ A new Power Couple Arises

July 7, 2011

So far this season on So You Think You Can Dance, one couple has dominated the competition, Melanie & Marko. Not only are they incredible dancers, but they’re adorable, immensely likable and wonderful performers. They’ve infused every dance with emotion and a sizzling chemistry and this week, they did it again. However, when last night’s show ended, they weren’t the couple we were thinking about… That couple was Caitlyn & Mitchell who blew everyone away with an astounding contemporary routine that catapults them to front of the pack as a new power couple. Do they have what it takes to take down M & M in the end? I don’t know about that, but they are the first couple to chip away at M & M’s armor and are now on the fast track to the top ten and possibly final four. With that said, let’s take a look at all of last night’s dances on a show which featured a saucy and sexy host Cat Deeley rocking a Japanese inspired frock (yes, I can talk British too Cat, hehe), plus guest judges Carmen Electra (um, boring) and the supremely talented former contestant turned SYTYCD choreographer Travis Wall who was a tremendous and insightful addition to the panel. Love him and he was so robbed by that darn Benji in season 2. Um, who’s getting the last laugh now Mr. Schwimmer?…. Ok, enough babbling. Here are my rankings for last night’s performances.

SYTYCD Performance Rankings 7/6/11:
1. Caitlyn & Mitchell: performing a transcendent and gorgeous contemporary routine (um, Mandy Moore, you’re a brilliant choreographer!), these two annihilated the competition. It was precise, heart-stopping, and explosive. Caitlyn was beautiful and ethereal while Mitchell was masculine and powerful. Simply put~ it was the best routine of the season thus far. Do I smell an Emmy nomination?
2. Melanie & Marko: these two can do no wrong. With a sexy, passionate, fun and unique jazz routine by awesome new choreographer Ray Leeper, the couple to beat hit another home run.
3. Ryan & Ricky: in a quirky zombie jazz number by another new choreographer, Chucky something (sorry missed the last name), Ricky and Ryan did their best performance to date. He’s just wonderfully talented and Ryan almost rose to his level. Great job.
4. Jess & Clarice: well, color me shocked because Jess is growing on me. He was very good in this strong contemporary routine and I believed his performance for once. He and Clarice (who is a great technician with her movement) had their first honest connection and it was also their best performance to date in my opinion.
6. Jordan & Tadd: while they executed this waltz quite well, it was just boring in comparison to the rest of the numbers of the night. Tadd continues to surprise and will no doubt be safe even if he faces the bottom three, but Jordan will have to prove why she deserves to stay here. She’s good, but I’m not sold that she should land in the top ten.
6. Sasha & Alexander: they’re both great dancers and Sasha was pretty strong in this hip hop number, but as a whole it was a rather lackluster piece with uninspired execution. Alexander was far out of his element and the two had absolutely no chemistry. Plus Sasha is growing a little less likable for some reason. They’re in danger for sure.
7. Chris & Ashley: gosh I really like them, but um, let’s be honest, that was pretty bad. This salsa number was even a bit uncomfortable to watch. I give them props for stepping up to the plate, but they struck out.

Bottom 3 Couples: Ashley & Chris, Jordan & Tadd, Sasha & Alexander
Going home: Ashley & Chris

So, it looks like it will finally be time to say adieu to our lovable duo of Ashley and Chris. They did an admirable job but are just getting outdanced by their peers. Do you think they can survive in the results tonight? Or is Jordan one bad unitard solo away from a trip home and will Alexander be able to pirouette his way to safety? Let me know your thoughts below. And watch the SYTYCD results show tonight on Fox.

And here’s Mitchell & Caitlyn’s amazing routine from last night set to one of my fave (yes I’m cheesy) Celine Dion songs of all time “To Love You More”

The Top 20 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time!

June 7, 2011

Earlier today, I happened upon the fun blog, Oh No They Didn’t, and found an article featuring the most expensive music videos of all time. The list of the 20 biggest bank breakers including clips by the expected video king and queen, Michael Jackson and Madonna. But interestingly, it also featured clips from Celine Dion and some Japanese pop star named Ayumi Hamasaki. Take a look at the list below and see if you’re surprised by some of the clips. And note the most recent American song on the list is Madonna’s “Die Another Day” from 2003. As we all know music videos are primarily showcased on the web these days as the music biz has been hovering in the toilet of late. So, instead of these awesome art pieces, we mainly get cheap CGI clips or performance clips. I sure do miss the days of waiting for important video premieres on MTV’s Making the Video. Alas, at least we can reminisce on youtube….

The most expensive music videos of all time…
1. “Scream”- Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson (1995) $ 7million
2. “Die Another Day”- Madonna (2002), $6.2 million
3. “Express Yourself”- Madonna (1989) $ 5 million
4. “Bedtime Story”- Madonna (1995) $5 million
5. “Estranged”- Guns n’ Roses (1993) $4 million
6. “Victory”- Puff Daddy w/Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes (1998), $ 2.7 million
7. “2 Legit 2 Quit”- M.C. Hammer (1992), $2.5 million
8. “Heartbreaker”- Mariah Carey w/ Jay Z (1999), $2.5 million
9. “What’s It Gonna Be?”- Busta Rhymes w/ Janet Jackson (1999), $ 2.4 million
10. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”- Celine Dion (1996) $2.3 million
11. “Bad”- Michael Jackson (1987), $ 2.2 million
12. “Larger Than Life”- Backstreet Boys (1999), $ 2.1 million
13. “Miami”- Will Smith (1998), $ 2 million
14. “She’s a Bitch”- Missy Elliott (1999), $ 2 million
15. “Freek”- George Michael (2004), $ 2 million
16. “My Name’s Woman”- Ayumi Hamasaki (2005), $ 2 million
17. “Fairyland”- Ayumi Hamasaki (2005), $ 2 million
18. “Green”- Ayumi Hamasaki (2008), $ 1.6 million
19. “Unpretty”- TLC (1999), $ 1.6 million
20. “Black or White”- Michael Jackson (1991), $ 1.5 million

Charice is back on Glee this week!

April 18, 2011

Is it me or does it seem like it’s been years since we had a new episode of Glee? … Well, it hasn’t been years but it’s been over a month since the last new Glee which had our gleeks heading to regionals singing original songs. After that episode which was arguably the best of the season, the show returns with a few special guests in tow to up the ante. Gwyneth Paltrow is back as the awesome Holly Holiday and will be ~SPOILER ALERT~  singing Adele’s “Turning Tables”. Also returning are Broadway babe Cheyenne Jackson and Charice as the New Directions big competition. Charice will even be taking on one of Celine Dion’s signature ballads and I’ve got a preview for ya. Check out Charice doing “All By Myself” below and enjoy the show tomorrow night on Fox.

Charice on Glee preview

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Cher Yet

November 13, 2010

Oscar and Grammy winning superstar icon Cher is about to be everywhere again as she promotes her brand new movie musical Burlesque co-starring, in her musical debut, Grammy winner Christina Aguilera. She plays the proprietor and former star of a Burlesque dance club in LA that Christina aspires to perform in. The film opens Nov. 24 and the soundtrack featuring 8 new songs from Xtina drops on Nov. 22. The other two new tracks on the record are from Cher herself, “Welcome to Burlesque” and the gorgeous ballad “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”, which I’m predicting may be the highlight of the film. Anywho, the latter song just hit the web and it’s written by 6 time Oscar nominee and Grammy winner Diane Warren. Could she be grabbing her 7th nod for this one? I sure hope so and then Cher could sing it on the Oscars! Ooooh, think of the wardrobe possibilities too! … In the meantime, check out the brand new Cher song below…

Cher “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” from Burlesque

Diane Warren’s Oscar nominated songs…

1988: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from Mannequin (performed by Starship)
1997: “Because You Loved Me” from Up Close and Personal (performed by Celine Dion)
1998: “How Do I Live” from Con Air (performed by Trisha Yearwood… It was originally performed by LeAnn Rimes, but execs decided to go for a more mature version for the film)
1999: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from Armageddon (performed by Aerosmith)
2000: “Music of My Heart” from Music of the Heart (performed by Gloria Estefan & NSYNC)
2002: “There You’ll Be” from Pearl Harbor (performed by Faith Hill)