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NBC Starts from Scratch with it’s New 2013 Fall Schedule

May 13, 2013

sean_saves_the_worldNBC had a crazy year this past season with a strong start in the fall, a disastrous winter and a slight recovery in the spring. However, most of the success was due to The Voice and the network cancelled a ton of its new shows from last season except for Revolution and Chicago Fire. That meant buh bye to the fantastic The New Normal plus Matthew Perry’s Go On, Deception, 1600 Penn, Animal Practice, Do No Harm, and Guys With Kids. But the network also dumped my favorite guilty pleasure Smash along with sophomores Whitney, and Up All Night. It was also the final season for 30 Rock and The Office. So, essentially NBC only has two returning sitcoms, Parks and Recreation and Community (for a final 13 episode season), the least it’s had in years. So, they are starting from scratch and turning to some big names like Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes who will both return to the Thursday night comedy block alongside Welcome to the Family and Parenthood. Take a look at the full new schedule below and descriptions of the new shows. Plus for previews of the shows, and more information, head to NBC or

NBC’s 2013 Fall Schedule:

8/7c The Voice
10 pm THE BLACKLIST (new crime drama starring James Spader as one of the world’s elite criminals helping out the FBI. It actually looks fantastic.)

8 pm The Biggest Loser
9 pm The Voice
10 pm Chicago Fire

8 pm Revolution
9 pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10 pm IRONSIDE (a new remake of the 60’s police drama starring Blair Underwood)

8 pm Parks and Recreation
8:30 pm WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (A blended family comedy with Mike O’Malley, Ricardo Antonio Chivera, Justina Machado and Mary McCormack whose teenage kids get pregnant and engaged.)
9 pm SEAN SAVES THE WORLD (A multi-camera comedy starring Emmy winner Sean Hayes as a gay man reconnecting with his 14-year-old daughter and dealing with his hectic work life.) * Judging from the first clips, this looks hilarious and it’s the new show I’m most looking forward to.
9:30 pm THE MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW (A new single camera show starring Fox as a family man yearning to get back to the work world after taking time to be with his kids and deal with his Parkinson’s diagnosis.)
10 pm Parenthood

8 pm Dateline NBC
9 pm Grimm
10 pm DRACULA (A period drama about the famous bloodsucker starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers)

Encore programming

7 pm Football Night in America
8:15 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (Post-football/Winter 2013)
7 pm Dateline NBC
8 pm Nate Berkus’ AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS (Reality)
9 pm BELIEVE (A new drama about a young girl with mysterious powers and the people who are hunting her with Kyle MacLachlan.)
10 pm CRISIS (A new thriller about an international conspiracy starring Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney)

On tap for midseason: the return of Community plus new comedies About a Boy (based on the hit British indie film), The Family Guide, and Undateable. New dramas include Crossbones with John Malkovich, the Chicago Fire spinoff Chicago PD, and the hospital drama The Night Shift.

No word on the fate of Hannibal or The Celebrity Apprentice yet.

Cancelled: Go On, The New Normal, Smash, Whitney, Guys with Kids, Animal Practice, 1600 Penn, Up All Night, Do No Harm, Deception, Rock Center with Brian Williams
Final Season: 30 Rock, The Office


America really loves a “Jackass”

October 17, 2010

In a shockingly giant debut weekend at the box office, Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass buddies destroyed the competition pulling in a ridiculously strong $50 million. Even with added 3D prices, the take for Jackass 3D was far above expectations and the film should easily outgross the previous two in the series. Looks like Americans we’re looking for a good, painful, and painfully stupid laugh. But hey, congrats to Paramount. This one only cost $20 million to make and should turn a hefty profit. Also heading towards profitability was the # 2 movie, Red. The somewhat geriatric-themed action pic starring Oscar winners Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman, Oscar nominee John Malkovich, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Mary Louise Parker and Mr. Bruce Willis took in a stronger than expected $22.5 million over the weekend proving you don’t need young starlets to bring in crowds. There was further proof of that with the good hold for Diane Lane’s  Secretariat which only dropped 25% from last weekend the best hold in the top ten. For all your box office needs, head to Box Office Mojo here. And check out the top ten below.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Jackass 3-D Par. $50,000,000 – 3,081 – $16,228 $50,000,000 $20 1
2 N Red Sum. $22,500,000 – 3,255 – $6,912 $22,500,000 $58 1
3 1 The Social Network Sony $11,000,000 -28.8% 2,868 +97 $3,835 $63,119,000 $50 3
4 3 Secretariat BV $9,503,000 -25.1% 3,072 – $3,093 $27,517,000 $35 2
5 2 Life as We Know It WB $9,200,000 -36.6% 3,150 – $2,921 $28,865,000 $38 2
6 4 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole WB $4,235,000 -38.5% 2,502 -723 $1,693 $46,002,000 $80 4
7 6 The Town WB $4,040,000 -37.0% 2,368 -352 $1,706 $80,574,000 $37 5
8 5 My Soul to Take Uni. $3,161,000 -53.8% 2,529 -43 $1,250 $11,907,000 $25 2
9 8 Easy A SGem $2,650,000 -38.2% 2,314 -533 $1,145 $52,334,000 $8 5
10 7 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Fox $2,350,000 -48.9% 2,045 -784 $1,149 $47,882,000 $70 4

The Social Network topples Heigl and a Horse to make it Two in a Row!

October 10, 2010

Facebook is stronger than prize-winning horses, a soul-stealer and even Katherine Heigl. Clearly moviegoers were most interested in the “facebook’ movie as The Social Network made it two weeks on top of the box office with another $15.5 million cementing the film’s hit status and awards front-runner. It was able to stop Katherine Heigl’s latest romantic comedy Life As We Know It (co-starring Josh Duhamel) from hitting the top as it pulled in a decent $14.6 million. Right behind it was Disney’s horse racing movie Secretariat which features awards worthy performances from Diane Lane and John Malkovich. That true story grabbed $12.6 million but could have strong legs in the weeks ahead as many family films do. Bombing in 5th place was the third horror dud in a row, My Soul to Take, which only gave Universal $6.9 million following last week’s disasters Let Me In and Case 39. For all your box office needs head to BoxOfficeMojo here. And check out the weekend’s top ten below.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 1 The Social Network Sony $15,500,000 -30.9% 2,771 – $5,594 $46,069,000 $50 2
2 N Life as We Know It WB $14,635,000 – 3,150 +2,339 $4,646 $14,635,000 $38 1
3 N Secretariat BV $12,600,000 – 3,072 +2,268 $4,102 $12,600,000 $35 1
4 2 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole WB $7,015,000 -35.6% 3,225 -350 $2,175 $39,401,000 $80 3
5 N My Soul to Take Uni. $6,919,000 – 2,572 – $2,690 $6,919,000 $25 1
6 4 The Town WB $6,350,000 -34.9% 2,720 -215 $2,335 $73,787,000 $37 4
7 3 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Fox $4,625,000 -53.8% 2,829 -768 $1,635 $43,667,000 $70 3
8 5 Easy A SGem $4,200,000 -37.8% 2,847 -127 $1,475 $48,139,000 $8 4
9 7 Case 39 ParV $2,630,000 -50.8% 2,212 +1 $1,189 $9,600,000 $26 2
10 6 You Again BV $2,474,000 -56.8% 2,332 -216 $1,061 $20,731,000 $20 3

Bruce Willis teams up with Helen Mirren?

June 25, 2010

That title says it all… Bruce Willis is teaming up with Academy Award winner Helen Mirren on the action thriller, with a hint of comedy, Red, as former CIA agents. They’re joined by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, Academy Award nominee John Malkovich, and Golden Globe and Emmy winner Mary Louise Parker in the film as they forge a team trying to figure out who’s trying to assassinate Willis’ character. From the looks of the trailer, it actually seems like it could be some good fun and who doesn’t want to see The Queen of England toting a machine gun? Check out the trailer below and catch Red in theatres October 15.

Red trailer:

Does Diane Lane have a “Blindside” on her hands?

April 29, 2010

The beautiful and underrated Diane Lane has always been a Hollywood fave who floats under the radar with great performances but little fanfare. She did finally pick up an Oscar nomination for Unfaithfull a couple of years ago. Now, she has another movie, Secretariat co-starring Dylan Walsh and John Malkovich, that could put her back in the race. She might even pull a Sandra Bullock-Blindside with it. It’s the story of the horse race Secretariat and the housewife who defies the odds to save her family and farm and make him a winner. It looks like a crowd pleaser that could surprise the critics too. Take a look at the trailer for Secretariat and let me know if Diane should get on the Awards campaign trail.

Diane Lane in Secretariat: