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Yes, I’m Going to Miss “Smash”

May 26, 2013

smash-season-2I’m just going to say it~ I love Smash. Despite all its imperfections, inconsistencies, infuriating story lines and self-involved characters, the show had so many magic moments. Along with its wonderful original music and a celebration of Broadway, the show also brought Megan Hilty into my home each week and hello, America should be thankful for that. Hilty was the standout on a show full of great actors including the wonderful Christian Borle, Debra Messing (I missed her crazy outfits and scarves in season 2), Jack Davenport and the sometimes great/sometimes a mess Angelica Huston. Hilty’s musical performances were always brilliant and she brought great conviction and believability to a character that was written all over the map at times. I can’t wait to see what she does next, and if she’s back to the real Broadway, I’m booking a ticket. (I saw her in Wicked years ago and she’s incredible).
But back to Smash… Yes, many people loved to hate-watch it, but I just loved to watch it. Despite featuring perhaps the most hateful character ever (conniving assistant Ellis) and changing gears constantly, I found the show intoxicating on many levels. Maybe I’m just that much of a musical theatre freak. I loved the story lines about the competing Bombshell/Hitlist musical storyline, Ivy’s redemption, Derek’s constant disintegration of his own life, Tom’s strange ever-revolving love life and I especially loved when they dumped Julia’s family life in season 2…. The show had so much potential that was never fully realized, but like I said, there were some magical moments. And yes, those moments were primarily some great musical numbers… So, as we say goodbye to my favorite guilty pleasure show Smash as it airs its season finale tonight (May 26th at 9pm) on NBC, let’s count down the best musical numbers from Smash.

The Top Ten Musical Moments from Smash~

1. “Let Me Be Your Star”- Karen (Katharine McPhee) & Ivy (Megan Hilty): this Emmy nominated number from the near-perfect Smash pilot featuring our dueling Marilyn wannabes heading into their big audition was the highlight of the entire series.

2. “I Can’t Let Go”- Ronnie (Jennifer Hudson): while many of the guest performers on the show go to shine like Bernadette Peters and Will Chase, none of them got a number as tremendous as Oscar and Grammy winner Hudson who threw down the gauntlet on this song from her one woman show.

3. “Second Hand White Baby Grand”- Ivy (Megan Hilty): this gorgeous ballad from Bombshell encapsulated the relationship between Marilyn and her mother and it was a stunner.

4. “Broadway Here I Come”- Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan): singing the best song from rival musical Hitlist, Jordan showed what a powerhouse performer he is. I just wish all his personal back story hadn’t turned his character into such a whiner. But this number was brilliant.

5. “Don’t Forget Me”- Ivy (Megan Hilty): singing the final number from Bombshell, Ivy proved why she was the perfect choice for Marilyn as her version blows Karen’s out of the water. Sooooo good!

6. “The Love I Meant to Say”- Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan): on this heartbreaking ballad, Jimmy sings about the loss of a loved one. (No spoilers here!) It was a tender tearjerker that was part of one of the best episodes of the series that dealt with that character’s passing. Seriously, I was bawling on this one.

7. “Heart Shaped Wreckage”- Karen (Katharine McPhee) & Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan): with the best duet from Hitlist, these lovebirds showed great chemistry and the potential of what that Hitlist show could’ve been if it ever had a real story.

8. “Never Give All the Heart”- Karen (Katharine McPhee): on this beautiful ballad, Karen laments Marilyn’s relationships with men and her past. It was one of McPhee’s best moments on the show as well.

9. “Let’s Be Bad”- Ivy (Megan Hilty): belting out a sexy and fun number from Bombshell, Hilty was perfection again.

10. “A Thousand and One Nights”- Karen (Katharine McPhee) & Dev (Raza Jeffrey): okay a lot of you may think I’m nuts for including this one, but I kinda love it. It was a ridiculously fun and possibly offensive dream sequence Bollywood number. Despite the implausibility of it, the song was super fun and the choreography was sick! It also made me wish Dev had a completely different character because Raza Jeffrey has some serious skills. (And PS~ who knew what a fantastic dancer McPhee is!)

And there you have it~ my ten favorite performances from Smash. It was actually hard to narrow it down and that’s a good problem to have. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to countdown any more musical moments from Smash as it disappears forever tonight. But enjoy the finale and thank you NBC for at least giving us two seasons of Smash.