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“Best in Drag” is Back!

August 2, 2012

The best pageant of the year is back. I’m talking about the hilarious, irreverent and ridiculously entertaining Best in Drag competition that returns to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles this October 7th. The show, which pits drag queens against one another as they battle for the crown in traditional categories like bathing suit, talent and evening gown, is also a fundraiser for Aid For Aids and they have raised tons of money for this wonderful cause over the years…. The show also features a host of guest celebrity judges (past attendees include Vanessa Williams, Melanie Griffith, Rita Wilson, Holland Taylor, Camryn Manheim, and even Charlie Sheen) plus Kathy Griffin opens the show. I have worked on the show for several years and it is a wonderful and moving experience, not to mention a laugh riot. Tickets are on sale now. Head to the Best in Drag website here for all the information. You can also find info on Twitter and Facebook, and check out their great promotional video below edited by my friend (and my Dirty Talk film editor) David Neuendorff.

Best in Drag Promotional Reel


ABC Makes Some Big Moves with its 2012 Fall Schedule

May 15, 2012

Despite the departure of Desperate Housewives after 8 years, Sunday nights on ABC will still be full of soapy goodness as their buzziest freshman series Revenge relocates to that 9pm timeslot next fall. It’s one of a couple of big and interesting moves to ABC’s 2012 Fall Schedule. The other big news has one of my favorite comedies on TV, Happy Endings, moving to Tuesdays at 9 followed by Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23. That’s one hilarious hour of comedy. Unfortunately, it will be fighting against comedy blocks on NBC (Go On and The New Normal) and Fox (New Girl and The Mindy Project). I have no idea who will win this time battle, but I will have my dvrs in overdrive for sure! … The network also announced that the fall edition of Dancing with the Stars will be an all-star edition of former celebrity contenders, i.e.: one big fascinating hot mess… New comedies coming from the network include the family comedy The Neighbors which gets the plum post- Modern Family slot and Malibu Country starring Reba McEntire. Midseason brings a slew of new comedies as well with How to Live with Your Parents starring Sarah Chalke, Brad Garrett and Elizaeth Perkins and The Family Tools with Kyle Bornheimer.
New Dramas on the schedule include the country music soap Nashville starring Emmy nominee Connie Britton and HeroesHayden Panittiere, Last Resort with Emmy winner Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman and 666 Park Avenue with Emmy winner Terry O’Quinn and Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams. All three look great…. Later in the season ABC will serve up the soap Mistresses with Alyssa Milano, the thriller Red Widow and the mystery Zero Hour plus the return of Body of Proof.
For more on all these new shows, head to Deadline Hollywood here…. With all these additions, several new shows got the axe including my beloved GCB.… Also, getting cancelled were Missing, The River, Man Up, Work It, Extreme Home Makeover, Pan Am, Charlie’s Angels and Cougar Town. However, hurrah, the latter is heading to TBS for two more seasons! … With all of that said, check out ABC’s new schedule below.


8 PM “Dancing with the Stars”
10 PM “Castle”

In January

8 PM “The Bachelor”
10 PM “Castle”


8 PM “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show”
9 PM “Happy Endings”
9:30 PM “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”
10 PM “Private Practice”

In January:

8 PM “How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)”
8:30 PM “The Family Tools”


8 PM “The Middle”
8:30 p.m. “Suburgatory”
9 PM “Modern Family”
9:30 PM “The Neighbors”
10 PM “Nashville”


8 PM “Last Resort”
9 PM “Grey’s Anatomy”
10 PM “Scandal”


8 PM “Shark Tank”
9 PM “Primetime: What Would You Do?”
10 PM “20/20”

In November:

8 PM “Last Man Standing”
8:30 p.m. “Malibu Country”
9 PM “Shark Tank”
10 PM “20/20”


8 PM “Saturday Night College Football”


7 PM “America’s Funniest Home Videos”
8 PM ”Once Upon a Time”
9 PM “Revenge”
10 PM “666 Park Avenue”

Forget Miss America, here comes Best in Drag!

October 7, 2011

If you thought the Miss America, Miss USA or Miss Universe were the ultimate beauty pageant, you thought wrong. Or more likely, you’ve never experienced the audacious awesomeness of the annual Best in Drag show every October to benefit Aid for AIDS. The beauty and talent competition not only raises funds for a good cause, but is a ridiculously fun and outrageous eventing pitting drag queens against each other in a classic pageant battle. Plus, Emmy winner Kathy Griffin opens the show and is one of the celebrity judges. Also participating on the judging panel this year are Emmy nominee Harry Hamlin (L.A. Law), Lisa Rinna (Melrose Place), Emmy nominee Dot Marie Jones (Glee), Rita Wilson (Larry Crowne), Emmy winner Wayne Brady (The Wayne Brady Show), Tony Award winner for Spamalot and Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez, Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives) and my costar from our guest appearance on Hot in Cleveland, Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith (Working Girl). That’s quite a lineup and I guarantee you will have an amazing time helping out this worthy cause.
Here’s some more information on the show…

Founded 2003, Best In Drag Show® (Orig. 1989-2000, Battle For The Tiara®; 2001-2002, Quest For The Crown®) …Get on the 2011 mailing list:…. About

 Sunday Oct. 9th. at 7pm~ Outrageous annual beauty pageant spoof supports CA non-profit Aid For AIDS. Show Name® to Aid For AIDS.

 Company Overview An annual fundraising event in Los Angeles, California, produced by a remarkable group of volunteers, benefiting the California-based non-profit, Aid For AIDS (AFA), executive producer. See more at

Mission Keep the “FUN” in “fundraising” and see how much money can be raised to help those impoverished and struggling with HIV/AIDS without spending a lot to do it.
Products Legendary, celebrity-supported annual drag show supporting highly-regarded CA non-profit Aid For AIDS that mimics a beauty pageant from swimsuit and evening gown segments to a “talent” section and a heart-felt Q & A. A roster of notable celebrities vote on the contestants to award the title, Miss Best In Show.

And check out this reel of some of the highlights of shows over the past few years.

Give these People Emmy Nominations!

April 26, 2011

It’s been a little quiet on the Awards front lately for the entertainment biz, but no fret, things are about to ramp up. In June, we’ll have the Tony Awards honoring the best on Broadway and in July, this year’s Emmy nominations will come out. Of course I will give you my predictions and in a few weeks I’ll be posting a wish list of potential nominees. However, there are a few standout actors and actresses that I think deserve mention right now! So, take a look at my list of people who absolutely deserve Emmy nominations for the 2010-11 season alongside the obvious frontrunners like Jane Lynch, Juliana Marguiles, Michael C. Hall, Betty White, and Jon Hamm to name a few…

Here are some Dramatic candidates…

John Noble (Fringe): as the bumbling brilliant scientist Walter Bishop, Noble has been nothing short of spectacular for the past 3 seasons. He’s at times wounded, calculating, hilarious and heartfelt. However, this season he was even better as the show delved into an alternate universe where Noble also tackled Bishop’s doppelgänger, “Walternet”. This other role gave Noble a chance to be ruthless, brutal, and evil at the same time as his noble (pun intended) counter part on the other side. I dare say, not only does John Noble deserve a nom… he deserves a win.

Anna Torv (Fringe): ok, for the first two seasons, Torv was very adequate and then quite good as she grew in her performance as Olivia, the FBI investigator with a mysterious past on the best sci-fi show on TV, Fringe. But, this season, she simply blew it out of the park as she took on her doppelgänger in the alternate universe as well. Playing two distinct versions of herself~ one fighting for the truth and attempting to bring down her walls and open up to love while the other doing the evil bidding of “Walternet” and then subsequently realizing she’s on the wrong side, Torv has been fantastic. She’s even physically battled herself and shown tremendous growth and layers heretofore unkown. Give her, and this show for that matter, some kudos attention please!

Kadee Strickland (Private Practice): sure, she’s on a show  that’s the ignored stepchild of Greys Anatomy and rarely has it been awards worthy. However, every now and then the show nails it and with Strickland’s character Charlotte suffering a brutal rape and its consequences, the show rose above. And Strickland has been nothing short of brilliant. Her performance has been harrowing, brittle, broken and beautiful. If ever there was a time for this show to break through, it’s right here with Strickland’s exemplary work.

Sara Ramirez (Greys Anatomy): speaking of the mothership Greys, Tony Award winner Ramirez has been wonderful for years on the show, but never really got to standout. She was always eclipsed by great showboaters like Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh. But in this season’s musical episode, it was all about Ramirez’s Callie and her amazing pipes. She was simply undeniable… In fact, check out the clip below and I dare you to say she doesn’t deserve a nomination.

Grey’s Anatomy~ Sara Ramirez “The Story

Michelle Forbes & Brent Sexton (The Killing): as the grieving parents on this season’s best new drama, Forbes and Sexton have been simply amazing. Their grief at the loss of their daughter has been palpable. Forbes mother has been driven into cataclysmic despair while Sexton’s father has become a conduit of rage and revenge. The are the most powerful players on an incredibly powerful show.

Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife): sure Alan Cumming, Archie Penjabi, Christine Baranski and Juliana Marguiles will all be nominated for the even better second season of the best drama on network TV. But even better news would be a well deserved nom for the incredibly charming, smart, devious, cocky and often understated work of Czuchry as the attorney their firm let go who’s now often their primary antagonist in court. Czuchry’s acting choices are always unexpected and wonderful and he should no longer stand in the shadows on this incredible ensemble.

Emmy Rossum (Shameless): while I’m no fan of this show, I find it incredibly hard to watch, often irresponsible, uncomfortable and William H. Macy’s main character utterly disgusting and awful, Shameless does have one big asset going for it. That is the masterful and ingenious performance of Emmy Rossum as the oldest sibling struggling to keep her extended family and her drunken disaster of a father together. Who knew the little singer from Phantom of the Opera had this powerhouse performance in her?

Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones): after only one scene in the premiere episode of Thrones, I said to myself “Peter Dinklage is gonna get an Emmy nomination.” He stands out among the sprawling cast on this epic show as the most interesting and unique character full of humor and debauchery that all belies great despair and anger. I can’t wait to see where they take his character and how high Dinklage’s performance can soar.

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): sure this show has been all about Michael C. Hall’s unquestionably astounding performance as the title serial killer (and a few of his awesome adversaries like John Lithgow and Johnny Lee Miller). But, this season Carpenter rose to the occasion with a depth we didn’t know she had. Dealing with the grief of a lost love, questioning her career, jumping into a convoluted and confusing new relationship with a coworker, and picking up the pieces of her brother’s fractured family life, Carpenter was just impeccable, ballsy, heartbreaking, funny and magnificent.

Now, before I head to some Comedy performers, here’s a quick shout out to some names, I’d love to hear on nomination day as well: Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy), Regina King (Southland), Matt Bomer (White Collar), Denis O’Hare (True Blood) and Michael Cudlitz (Southland).

And a few Comedy contenders…

Wendie Malick (Hot in Cleveland): it’s a foregone conclusion that Betty White is the front-runner to win Supporting Actress for HIC, but how’s about a nom (and win) for Malick in Lead Actress. She’s an amazing physical comedian and can spin a joke out of pretty much any word, yet still ground it in reality. And having guested on the show with her, I have to say she’s the consummate professional and a delight to work with. She’s also the most consistently funny person on the show if you ask me.

Courtney Cox (Cougar Town): How did she never get a nom for Friends? And how was she ignored last year? People get it together and nominate this brilliant and hilarious comedian on the most underrated comedy on network TV.

Busy Phillips (Cougar Town): in an ensemble full of Emmy worth performers (Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Courtney Cox), Phillips is always a standout. She’s simply a riot and should be a front-runner for this award… if only she could get a nomination first…

Garrett Dillahunt (Raising Hope): he doesn’t stand a chance in the supporting category going up against Chris Colfer (Glee), Neil Patrick Harris (HIMYMother) and the men of Modern Family, but what a treat would it be if he got a nomination. As the biggest boob of a granddad on Raising Hope, Dillahunt never ceases to surprise with his hilarious takes and line readings. He could be a big wonderful surprise on nomination day.

And before I go, here’s some other Comedy names I hope to hear at the nominations: Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope), Allison Janney (the best thing about Mr. Sunshine), Vanessa Williams (the best thing about this season of Desperate Housewives), Matt LeBlanc (Episodes), Merritt Weaver (Nurse Jackie), Oliver Platt (The Big C) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee)… but I know the last one will happen in the Guest Actress category at least….

Anywho, there are a few of my “For Your Consideration” actors for this year’s Emmy noms. What do you think of them? And who would you add? Let me know below and watch for more Emmy suggestions and predictions in the weeks to come.

It’s a Desperate Housewives Showdown!

August 30, 2010

Desperate Housewives is still going strong as it enters its 7th season this September on ABC, but this season could be its bitchiest yet. After the departures of several cast members from last year Drea DeMatteo (Angie), Kyle Maclachlan (Orson) and Dana Delaney (Katherine), it’s apparently time for some new blood in town. First you’ll get the return of villainous Mark Moses (Paul Young) who returns to Fairview after getting out of jail for murdering Martha Hubert in season 1. Then, you’ll get a hot new stud landscaper in the form of Brian Austin Green (the original 90210). However, the big news is the addition of Emmy nominated actress Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) who’s the new diva in town ready to stir up trouble. And looking and the new promo for the series, it’s gonna be a showdown. Check it out below and watch Desperate Housewives this fall, Sundays on ABC.

The 10 Most Upsetting Emmy Snubs

July 8, 2010

Despite all the good news with today’s infusion of fresh blood at the Emmy Nominations, there were still some maddening omissions. For every wonderful Glee nomination, there was no love for Cougar Town or Fringe or their wonderful casts. And it doesn’t get any better in the reality categories with So You Think You Can Dance and Rupaul’s Drag Race being ignored in favor of the tired Amazing Race, the lackluster seasons of Project Runway and the atrocious year that American Idol had. That said, it’s time for another one of my lists. Take a look at my picks for the most glaringly upsetting Emmy snubs below.

1. Courtney Cox Arquette- after being denied some Emmy love for all 10 seasons of Friends, Courtney gets dissed again despite her hilarious and heartfelt work on the most underrated new show of last year Cougar Town. She leads a crack ensemble (also ignored by Emmy this year, argh) in one of the strongest comedies around. Come on Emmys, wake up!

2. Survivor the grand daddy of all reality shows had the best season of any reality competition show this year with its incredibly entertaining and fascinating “Heroes v. Villains” cycle. Not only should it have been nominated, it deserved to win this year. (At least they have that one trophy from back in 2001).

3. So You Think You Can Dance & Cat Deeley: Cat is easily the most likable reality host around and arguable the best this side of Survivor’s Jeff Probst. She’s a mother hen, stands up for her charges and calls out the judges and the audience, doing it all with gorgeous flair and finesse. And her show SYTYCD is clearly the best and most relevant talent competition on the air. It should’ve taken the place of either Idol, Runway or The Race.

4. John Noble: as the insanely interesting and maddeningly irreverent genius Walter Bishop on Fringe, Noble is in a class of his own. He’s hilarious, infuriating, inventive and can bring a tear to your eye at any moment. I’d say he’s the only one who could’ve give Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn a run for his money in the Drama Supporting Actor Race.

5. Vanessa Williams: how this woman has never won an Emmy is beyond me. Or a Golden Globe or SAG award for that matter for her brilliant vicious and delectable performance as Wilhemina Slater on the dearly departed Ugly Betty. (Side Note, let’s throw in the criminally never nominated Michael Urie here too. His side-splitting hilarity and grounded honesty gave weight to his super fabulous Marc St. James on Betty for years as well.)

6. Ed O’Neil: poor Ed was the only adult actor from breakout hit Modern Family NOT to receive a nomination this morning. The veteran is just as funny and fantastic as his younger counterparts and should’ve been recognized. Perhaps next year, he’ll move up to the Lead category where I think he would more easily land a nod.

7. Rupaul & Rupaul’s Drag Race: with all the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in the world, Rupaul and his namesake show are the most intoxicating guilty pleasure on tv. But it’s not all fluff the show has a dramatic undercurrent about those fighting for equality and honoring their true voice. It’s a shame more people haven’t embraced this wonderful and dynamically entertaining show.

8. Josh Holloway: like Matthew Fox, Holloway had never received any kudos for his great work on Lost. Unfortunately that losing streak continued this year for Holloway (not Fox) which is all the more upsetting because it was arguably his strongest work to date.

9. Travis Wall: the former contestant and current choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance gave us amazing numbers that pierced the heart, challenged our preconceived notions about dance and pushed his dancers to the limit. It’s a crime he was overlooked. For, proof, check out this amazing piece featuring Jeanine and Jason from last summer.

10. Annie Wersching: as the terribly tormented Renee Walker in the final season of 24, Wershing was a live wire of angst, fury, pain and searing emotion. She stole Jack Bauer’s heart and our hearts this season, but like her character, our hopes for some Emmy love were gunned down.

So, those are my 10 biggest and most upsetting Emmy snubs this morning. There are plenty more to talk about like the omission of Sally Field (Brothers and Sisters), Merrit Weaver (Nurse Jackie), the ladies of Greys Anatomy, plus no love for Better Off Ted. I mean, I could go on for days. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on the good news and inclusions this year. It really was a pretty decent list this year for once. I mean they dumped Charlie Sheen and Entourage after all…. Now, I want to hear from you. Who are you most upset wasn’t recognized this year?

Bye Bye Betty

April 14, 2010

Tonight marks the end of an era where we discovered the true beauty in all of us. I’m talking about the series finale of one of the most hilarious and heartwarming shows on television, the ground breaking Ugly Betty. The show was incredibly influential in its visual style and relevant storylines showcasing a Latin family in a major network comedy series and several LGBT characters. The ensemble cast led by Emmy winner America Fererra and Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams was flawless and in its final season, the show has been on fire creatively. It all culminated in the brave storyline of teenage Justin’s coming out. It was beautifully written and performed by Mark Indelicato (Justin), Ana Ortiz (Hilda) and the entire cast. I smell a 3rd GLAAD media award on the horizon…. Whether Betty was following her dreams as a writer or dealing with crazy personalities in the fashion industry like her outrageous co-workers Mark (the outstanding Michael Urie) and Amanda (the divine Becki Newton), Betty always focused on the positive in life. The character was a true role model for girls, oh heck, everyone everywhere. I will miss this show’s heart, humor and pizzazz. At least we are getting a series finale that will wrap up all the storylines like the truth about Amanda’s father,Wilhelmina’s plans to take over Mode and just who Betty will wind up with (Eric Mabius’s Daniel perhaps?). Tune in tonight at 10pm on ABC for one last bowlful of Betty.

Til then, enjoy these great clips of some of Betty‘s best moments and a preview of tonight’s series finale.

Ugly Betty Series Finale promo:

Justin’s Coming Out Story:

Amanda performing “Milkshake” at Willy’s wedding:

Amanda singing Gene Simmons’s is my Baby Daddy:

The heartbreaking West Side Story homage finale of season 2:

Now, we will have to settle with getting a bit of Betty on dvd and in reruns. At least the cast will remain visible as Becki Newton and Ana Ortiz have new pilots, Michael Urie is performing off-Broadway and America Fererra embarks on a film career. I wish them and the entire cast and crew all the best. I also hope the Emmy Awards remember Betty in this terrific final season with nominations for Comedy Series, Lead Actress (Fererra), Supporting Actress (Williams and Newton) and Supporting Actor (Urie) among other nods. For a wonderful love letter to Ugly Betty from Entertainment Weekly, click here:

The Emmys: Which of these Funny Ladies do you Support?

April 2, 2010

 Here’s the latest installment of my series looking at this year’s competitors for the Emmy Awards. Today, it’s more comedy with the funny supporting actress vying for the trophy.



Jane Lynch (Glee): the Golden Globe nominee and SAG ensemble award winner plays the breakout TV character of the season with the acerbic bitter and ballsy Sue Sylvester. She has the best one liners anywhere on television and Lynch makes the most of every single one. I’d say she’s the clear front-runner.

Jane Krakowski (30 Rock): This Tony winner was a nominee last year and looks likely to repeat and possibly steal Lynch’s trophy as the wacky narcissistic and hilarious Jenna Maloney. She’s also a former Golden Globe nominee and SAG Ensemble winner for her work on both 30 Rock and Ally McBeal.

Good Bets:

Kristin Wiig (Saturday Night Live): She remains the best (and sometimes only) reason to watch SNL with hilarious characters like the Target Lady and Sue Surprise. A burgeoning film career (Macgruber, Paul, Whip It)  can only bolster her chances on grabbing a second consecutive nomination.

Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty): the 3 time nominee may finally win the golden girl on her 4th try for Ugly Betty’s last season. The show and Williams have been on fire and she’s certainly overdue for her uproarious role as venomous “Wilhelmina Slater”. She’s also a perennial SAG nominee, a Broadway vet and a multiple Grammy Award nominee.

Strong Contenders:

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family): playing the hot Columbian mama Gloria, Vergara has finally found a sitcom worthy of her immense talents. She more than holds her own on TV’s smartest hit comedy.

Julie Bown (Modern Family): playing the straight woman to Ty Burrell’s crazy husband and wacky kids, Bowen mines comic gold with the best Bea Arthur takes in ages. The former SAG nominee (Boston Legal, Weeds, Modern Family) may grab her first individual kudos this year.

Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds): with 3 previous nominations and no wins, Perkins could be overdue. A former Golden Globe and SAG nomine who’s also well respected for her dramatic work, she’s perfection as the severely flawed and acid tongued Celia on Weeds.

Jenna Fischer (The Office): with her fantastic work this season as her character “Pam” dealt with her first pregnancy, Fischer could land a second career Emmy nomination to go with all those SAG Ensemble Award wins.

Outside Shot:

Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm): a two time Emmy and SAG nominee for her role as the long suffering wife/ex-wife of Larry David on Curb, Hines could be a contender again this year.

Holland Taylor (Two and a Half Men): a former Emmy winner for The Practice and a three time nominee for Two and a Half Men, veteran Taylor can’t be ruled out as a threat. In my opinion, she’s the only reason to watch that boring and conventional sitcom.

Jayma Mays (Glee): as OCD clean freak “Emma” on this season’s sensation Glee, Mays could be a surprise nominee. She’s hilarious and heartfelt in every scene and has been a guest star on practically every other show on television only adding to her notoriety in the biz. She shared in the SAG ensemble award earlier this year as well.

Loveable Longshots:

Busy Phillips (Cougar Town): ever since Freaks and Geeks, Phillips has been a go to sidekick on a number of shows (Dawson’s Creek, ER), but never has she been better or funnier as the flighty and flirtatious “Laurie” on the increasingly addictive freshman show Cougar Town.

Becki Newton (Ugly Betty): Newton has been criminally ignored by the Emmys and Globes for her wonderful work as airheaded “Amanda” on Ugly Betty. However this season her character’s growth and depth have given Newton some seriously great submission episodes that may finally get her a nod. At least she has two SAG ensemble nominations and a new pilot for fall season.

Merrit Weaver (Nurse Jackie): holding her own against multiple Emmy winner Edie Falco is a tough job but Weaver is more than up to the task. As the goofy newbie nurse “Zoey”, Weaver could ride a potential Jackie Emmy wave to a nomination.

On the ballot, not gonna happen:

Eve Best (Nurse Jackie), Conchatta Ferrell (Two and A Half Men), Alyson Hanigan (How I Met Your Mother), Colbie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother), Angela Kinsey (The Office), Dana Delaney (Desperate Housewives), Amber Riley (Glee), and Portia DeRossi (Better Off Ted)~ I’d love that one though!

~So, just who do I think is most deserving? Here’s my rankings of this year’s contenders:

1. Jane Lynch

2. Jane Krakowski

3. Vanessa Williams

4. Kristen Wiig

5. Becki Newton

6. Julie Bowen

7. Sofia Vergara

8. Busy Phililps

9. Amber Riley (hello, did you see her “And I Am Telling You” or “Bust Your Windows” numbers?!!)

10. Jenna Fischer

~But who do I think will grab the nominations? Here are my current predictions for this year’s Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:

Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Jane Lynch (Glee), Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty)


Today’s Watch This~ Ugly Betty… 3/17/10

March 17, 2010

St. Patty’s Day doesn’t offer much in the way of new programming. Perhaps there will be a little too much partying going on. On the other hand, if you don’t drown yourself in green beer, there are still some good things to watch tonight. There are new episodes of Top Model, High Society, Scrubs (yes, it’s still on!), Mercy, the super entertaining Human Target and, of course, the American Idol results show.  But today, I’d like to highlight one TV gem that will soon be ending its wonderful but too short 4 year run, Ugly Betty.

The show has always been hilarious and full of heart with great performances by a strong ensemble cast led by Emmy winner America Fererra and 3 time Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams. Can she please take it this year people? The show has been especially strong this season as it gears up for its finale in a few weeks that will feature a big ole wedding. My money is on Betty’s sister Hilda (the hilarious and under-appreciated Ana Ortiz) and Bobby (CSI Miami’s Adam Rodriguez) tying the knot. We’ll also see if Betty ends up with one of her many suitors (Henry, Gio, Matt, etc.) or continues to forge her own path in the publishing world. I’m truly going to miss this charming and wonderful show. At least its cast will still be in the spotlight as Ortiz and Becki Newton (the outrageously wacky Amanda) have signed on to new pilots, the criminally never Emmy nominated Michael Urie (Mark) is performing off Broadway and Fererra embarks on a film career.  Don’t miss the last few episodes of everyone’s favorite braces and poncho wearing heroine, Ugly Betty Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC.